Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Year on Facebook

I'm on Facebook but I consider myself more of a facebook lurker than anything else. I don't usually post status updates but I do like seeing people's family photos and what they are up to. In case anyone cares, I really have no interest in your cyber farms..... I wish there was a way to shut those updates off.....Really, I grow real food...(In truth, I won't even go near that game because I know for certain I would probably like it and it would become a real time suck for me.)  My blog also feeds to facebook which is neat and I get a lot more comments that way (Although I do, in fact, prefer them on the real blog in case you were wondering.)

Anyway, Facebook asctually has this cute application that sums up your whole year in statuses. I hardly had any but it still came out so cute!

Next year I may have to write more statuses just so my collage looks better!  I love how it stretched coffee out like that at the end!


Heather said...

You can turn off the farm/mafia/etc. updates by clicking on the Hide icon to the right of the updates. This will hide all of those type of updates from your feed permanently without blocking other status updates.

Christine said...

Oh Thank You! I really don't need to know if my friends are playing Farkle!

lianna26 said...

I don't care I lov emy farm!!!