Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th-No Boys Allowed

Annual Garden Club Wreath  Making Event

Take one large room over Jennifer's garage & add a roaring fire.

Throw in some locally brewed beer on tap and Lisa's killer cookies.

Add Some Crafty Girls


Complete with talk of good books, existential motherhood grief, & our tallest member, Bonnie describing how badly she wanted to meet a local gorgeous pediatrician she saw in a magazine and then her horror when he turned out to be 5 feet tall with a lisp.

And you have a perfect evening at Garden Club and come home with a hand made wreath!


Jeannine said...

Very nice! Wish i had been there:(

Christine said...

We missed you! I still have a ton of that stuff you like. I can drop it off at your moms on Friday if you want me to.