Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19th-Dino Party

By all accounts the party was a success.

 Decor by the resident Dinosaur. She swore she was wearing her Halloween costume to the party but we convinced her it might make the other kids feel badly.


 Very excited as her friends arrive. I have many other cute shots but do not want to plaster other people's children all over the internet.

I literally took a 2 hour nap when this was over. 9 kids, cake & ice cream, games to Dora Christmas music &15 intense  rounds of "Don't Break the Ice" =mentally exhausted mommy......Tomorrow we do the grandparent's party.......Wednesday we celebrate her Birthday at school,  Thursday we're hosting 17 people for Christmas Eve. By the weekend I will be toast. Having a child this close to Christmas was NOT part of the original plan.....
I don't really recommend it.
(Although we did get to bring her home in a stocking & Santa hat on Christmas Day, that was pretty awesome.)


Unknown said...

It was a fabulous party and my little girl being the youngest had a blast. Thank you for having us you really put on a wonderful party, much more than I would have thought to do. I'll be sure to call Deanna for my next birthday party planning but I always be looking to you for a few tips too!

Yes I could see that a 2 hour nap was required. The question is did Emma take a 2 hour nap too?!

Christine said...

You're welcome! We are glad you were able to make it!

My only tip is the sugar cone volcano!!!

Christine said...

And, no, she did not need the nap I did-she just had a little quiet time in her room. (not 2 hrs though!)