Friday, June 22, 2007

Why I'm here and what I'm doing!

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have money. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have time.
Sometimes you are very lucky and have both money and time. I've had more money than time but right now I have more time than money. Sometimes while sitting at my desk at work I would think jealously of the people who had time. I felt like I hardly had time to get our clothes washed, much less worry about making my life more beautiful. I have time to think about that now.

I left paid employment in Jan of 06 to stay home with the love of my life, my daughter. The decision was an indulgence for me as far as I was concerned as well as a way to get everyone's life running more smoothly. Sometimes I think of my time as a big guilty ice cream sundae that I am slowly taking bites of and savoring as best I can. Probably some day I'll be back to making more money and have less time and there are things to be said for that as well, but right now I'm going to enjoy where I'm at and hopefully take some of that peace with me when the time comes.

I'm frugal by nature. Frugality is a hobby of mine really. Frugality lead me to this place where I am able to savor this time in my life. I have a beautiful home (luckily its bones are good because most of the beauty does not come from my decorating) my family eats healthy nourishing food, I have friends and family that make it complete and I try and have as many life fulfilling experiences as I can.

Some might argue that doing nothing to beautify your life is the most frugal thing of all, because after all, beauty is not really a necessity. However, in order to thrive where you are I think beauty, in all it's forms, IS a necessity. What is the point of your life if all you do is sit around and save money. Life is meant to be lived! And I want to make a study of how to live beautifully within your means and still feel fulfilled. Also, for those of you with less time, I'll talk about how small things can make your life seem so much bigger!

This is about my journey to find beauty as much as it is about my experiences thus far in creating it. Beauty doesn't have to be about spending money. Living a fulfilling life doesn't have to be expensive. Good taste is priceless.