Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 27-29, 1910

October 27, 1910

Met Bess at Phoclaxxx &she got shoes. I got her a c     t & we went to the Harvest social at church. It was decorated with pumpkins and corn stalks. 

W. Rainy, Cold
R. 11:30 
Started to plaster Cora's house. 

For some reason I'm thinking of Bess, in her new shoes (and whatever it was that he got her) walking in to a harvest social decorated with pumpkins and cornstalks-still just a newlywed with new shoes and her arm in his....I bet she was happy.

1st Snow
October 28, 1910

Bess and I picked up wood after supper & I finished the chains on the lamp.

October 29, 1910

Finished one set of 3 lamps for the living room. Went to the athletic at the gym and stopped to Halloween party at Coopers & Bess, Kathy, Clara & I walked home.

W. Colder & 2 inches of snow at 6pm. 
R. 1

And he's a good brother too, walking his sister and his sister-in-law home. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 20-26, 1910

October 20, 1910

Miss Ethel Pratt over to supper. We planted a Wisteria vine & went over home & Aunt Carrie and then read a while. 

W. Fine, Colder
R. 11:20

October 21, 1910 

Ray came over after supper and I made a stool. Bess not well. 

W. Cooler, windy at night

October 22, 1910

Rain early a.m. Registration on the way home & I went to the gym at night for athletics. 

W. colder, rain
R. 11:15

October 23, 1910 

Went to SS and up home at 5pm & I made some puff rice candy. 

W. Clear, Cold Windy
R. 10:30

Puffed rice candy seems to be a poor mans peanut brittle, with the puffed rice standing in for the peanuts. However, the recipe I found was from 1920. I laughed and thought " I know someone making it earlier!"

October 24, 1910

I got supper before Bess came home. After supper we went over to Aunt Carrie's & home & stayed till 10 p.m. 

W. Rain at night cooler
R. 11

Roosevelt at the Allxxxxx
October 25, 1910 

Sewing club at the house. Amy, Ella, Clara, Kathy & Bess . I made a small fire in the furnace & put rabbxx heels on my shoes. Rained during the day. 

W. Rain, Colder
R. 12:30

Try as I might, I could not figure out where Roosevelt was... He doesn't seem to be anywhere special on this date.

October 26, 1910

Over home to supper & went to Leaders Club & met Bess, Gertie & Mrs.        in front of Herald at 9:30. Bess had a bad headache. 

W. Fair, Cloudy
R. 10:30

Except for the evening that he went visiting at Aunt Carrie's home, he's done something productive each evening. (and there is something to be said for socializing.) These people are busy, productive and part of the larger community.

I've never read the diary past October-I've of course, peeked at entries, so the next few months will be interesting to me as well. I'll be sorry once it's over. It occurs to me that I need to find a diary from 1911....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 1910 Happy 101 Years Adam and Bess

Married 1 yr. (It's written over the date like this in the diary.)

October 19, 1910

First Wedding Anniversary. Just finished the happiest year of my life. Planted a pear tree before work & planted cherry, prune & plum tree before supper. B & I walked over home & to Aunt Carrie & home & read.

W. Fine, Warm, Morn Light
W. 10

This is so sweet isn't it? The happiest year of his life.... 101 years ago today Adam and Bess married. It would have been a Monday. I think I love this man, planting fruit trees on their anniversary. Like he's providing for them.... I think I want to give him a big kiss. I bet Bess did.

*Note to self-Talk to husband about planting trees before work.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Jell-o Gallery

So you may have gathered I like museums.  Last week someone told me about a museum that was close to The Genesee Country Village & Museum where I work,  so I had to check it out.

Yes folks, today I went to the Jell-o Museum in Le Roy.

Actually it's called the Jell-o Gallery, being that it's only one room. There is also a transportation exhibit in the lower level that was fairly interesting with an ox cart to an automobile from 1908 (which made me think of Adam.)

For a tiny museum with a very limited subject matter, it was cute. There was the story of jell-o which was nice, antique molds and uniforms from the jell-o plant, (Cute dresses for all of the ladies!) Original artwork that the first jell-o ads were created from, an interesting experiment where they found that A bowl of lime Jell-O, when hooked up to an EEG machine, exhibited movement which is virtually identical to the brain waves of a healthy adult man or woman (True, this test was done more than once) As well as a lot of (pricless???) jell-o (artifacts??)

I'm not an overly big fan of jell-o but the museum was close to where I work, was only $4, and Jell-o has it's roots in the lovely town (that I had never been to) of Le Roy.  So all in all, not a bad way to kill an hour. (Which is the most you would ever need to see the Jell-O gallery. ) It's on the grounds of the Le Roy historical society which has a pretty  nice garden.I don't know that I would make the trip out there from my home just to see the gallery but it's a fun stop if you're in the area anyway.

The only disappointment (other than the fact that it was pretty cold in there.) was that I was hoping that I could purchase some funky flavor of jell-o. Pina Colada or Margarita (which may, unbeknown to me, be avaliable at my Wegmans.) or something that failed in jello test markets like Asparagus/Orange-Something  interesting. There was no jell-o to be had.  If I owned the jell-o museum this would be the first thing on my list because if you don't want to eat jell-o after being at that museum, then you never will. There were  lot of neat jell-o items, including reproductions of  the original molds (which I inexplicably wanted at that very moment, dreaming of serving Jell-o at my next dinner party...) Don't worry I abstained and tonight am happy I'm not thinking of serving Apple and Carrot Molded Salad  at my next party.

October 18,1910

Sewing club over house. I worked on my lamp and printed pictures. Kathy stayed all night.

W. Fine, Warm
R. 12:40

It's a Tuesday in 1910. It occurs to me that Adam is a night owl like I am.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Farm Report

Ok, Garden Report...

My last big harvest of the season. The broccoli was wonderful this year, the beans, plentiful and the tomatoes a little disappointing. Cucumbers were the clear bumper crop and we got a lot of lettuce onions and garlic earlier in the season. We still have some green tomatoes out there that I'm going to do something with and some basil I keep reminding myself to dry and some carrots we haven't yet picked, and yes, a few potatoes that I need to dig- 

 My little garden helper. She is picking carrots. Look at those bare feet! LOVE it! We both have fairly dirty feet in the summer.

I'm going to miss my garden when it's cold.

October 15-17, 1910

October 15, 1910

Laid off at 1 to see the Syracuse Carlisle game at the stadium. Syracuse won 14 to 0. Met B & K downtown and home at 9:45. Clara Merle     at 3am to see the game. (It also says Hunter in parentheses on the side.)

R. 10:30

I hate it when the missing word is the one that gives meaning to the sentence. What exactly WAS Clara doing at 3am???? In 1910????

October 16, 1910

B & I walked out to the gully at 9:30 & back at 11:30 and got some food & took it out again to the gully and we cooked over      with the help of a little boy. Ethel and Ernest up to call on us but we were not here. Went up home and to church but no church. 

W. Fine
R. 10:30

This is a Sunday. Why was there no church? But what a fine day this sounds like!

October 17, 1910

Finished digging potatoes. Bess had a headache & retired at 7:30. I developed a roll of film and read a while. 

W. Fine Day Morning Light
R. 9

My god, don't you feel lazy now? When was the last time you developed your own film and grew 1000 potatoes. I must say, Adam (and people in general then) had a lot of skills that people  today no longer possess. (or only small slivers of people possess) You might say that you don't ever need to make a lamp or seed your lawn or paint your house or grow your on potatoes or sew your own clothes or make a magazine rack, and by a large measure you probably don't. And you've probably done some of the things I've mentioned.

I look at us now, with so many people earning a living sitting behind a computer in exchange for money to purchase all of the things they can't/won't do any longer. (and of course, recognizing that sitting behind a desk is a lot more comfortable and lucrative than many/most things people used to do) and  I feel like in no time in the history of man have we ever been less able to take care of ourselves, aside from purchasing our basic needs. And while it's nice that many of us have the choice as to whether or not we want to grow our own food or make our own lamps (never mind that the parts that you would need to purchase to build a lamp would probably cost more than the cheaply made-in-china lamp you can get at Target-that's another complaint for another day) I'm still kind of embarrassed for us.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 11-14th, 1910

October 11, 1910

Dug potatoes. Bess up to K to sewing club after supper & I worked on the lamps. Ella Cooper told her that Rev Schwartz wanted to burn inscense and have a bell on his robe. & Ella & Bess were going to quit the church.
Broke front of wheel coming to work.

R. 1 am

 First of all, before we discuss the big news here, let me mention he's still digging potatoes! He has 250 hills. He has over 1000 potatoes. I could dig my own potato crop before dinner some night if I wanted to. He lives on a normal city lot. He's an urban farmer before it's even cool.  Bess must be so proud of her man who makes lamps and works 9 hour days and grows her 1000 potatoes.... I am....

And boy oh boy-What's up with Reverend Schwartz. ....I might add, that you may or may not have noticed that Bess and Adam go to different churches. I found Rev Karl Schwartz at that time at the  Episcopal Church of the Savior. So I'm guessing she Episcopalian.

The Episcopal Church of The Savior. This is what it looked like when Bess Attended. She has no idea that on Jan 7, 1912 fire will destroy the inside.

She thinking of quitting church because of a bell and some incense... Wow.... and what's with Reverend Schwartz anyway that he wants to start wearing a bell and burning incense? This seems mildly Catholic, being that the 2 were not that far apart in 1910 (Thank you History Teacher Husband). The Church still exists. I have a good mind to call them and ask them if they have any of this in the church history...

The interesting thing that I found out was that after the fall of the Portuguese monarchy  (just a few days ago) , the Freemasons (at exactly this time in history) did their best to rid Portugal of Catholicism. 3 days prior to this entry, 15 priests were killed. If I were guessing I might think Rev Schwartz was sympathizing with the Catholics in Portugual but I could be very off.

I also found Rev Schwartz's Obit and he was also an inventor. Apparently he was an inventor in the Typewriter business. (which, if you recall, was big in Syracuse and in fact, Adam works at a typewriter factory) and he invented the backspace bar on the typewriter.

October 12, 1910
Stopped home & worked on the copper lamp. Bess & a bunch went out walking in the after noon.

W. Fine. Cold
R. 10:30

October 13, 1910
Over home to supper. Kit & Minnie Fischer over to see the house. B & K & I over to Church of Christ to see Daisy XXXX XXX to Mr Bellomy & I up to class at Clarence Goldsakers.

W. Fine, Warmer
R. 12

October 14, 1910
Got my wheel at Howards Dave & Beatrice up to supper. Trues got me a ticket for .50 for the Carslisle game.

W. Fine, Warm
R. 10:45

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back in the 19th Century!

I have an Adam update but it can wait till tomorrow. It's late and I'd like to direct you to my other blog where I'm talking about the museum's root cellar. I personally find it fascinating, how they store food until spring right in the ground. Just fascinating. Why do I find this fascinating? I don't actually know. I just do.... if all goes well they'll be unearthing it in March to make soup for a conference we're hosting. How neat is this....That's a soup I want to try

The couple pictured are the proud owners of Maylee, the pioneer cat. She's the twin to my own kitten Amelia. And while Amelia sleeps on a toile cushion in my kitchen, Maylee is out hunting mice in the pioneer cabin. They do look almost exactly alike though.

 While I was looking through some pictures at the museum today I came across this shot of me as a pioneer. I love this one. I'm making (what else) butter. I don't look terribly good but I really look a pioneer. LOVE IT. I'm thinking of making it my Christmas card this year. 
Joking...kind of....

And if I haven't mentioned it before, you can become a friend of the Genesee Country Village & Museum on Facebook! We have over 2080 fans and we're always happy to have more. You'll get the blog feed as well as a lot of other interesting information about GCV happenings! 

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where I Decide Not To Forage For Food

Yesterday we went pumpkin and apple picking. While there, I noticed a large tree that had many many shiny gorgeous chestnuts surrounding it's base.

Sweet Chestnuts

I love roasted chestnuts. I love them plain and with roasted Brussels Sprouts. I love them in stew. I love them with a glass of red wine. Love them! I picked some up off the ground. My daughter told me to drop them because she didn't want them in the car.

I didn't listen to her and hid them from her in my pockets.

A while later as we continued to drive I was musing on my luck at finding the nuts and that I was going to roast them for dinner.

My daughter, upon hearing this, asked if I brought some chestnuts with us. When I answered "Yes" she freaked out. She cried and told me to throw them out the window. She told me I shouldn't eat them. That I couldn't eat them. I laughed at her (nicely)  because I roast them all the time. She got really irate. It was pretty crazy because she loves picking plants and eating them. This year especially, she has been all in my herb garden learning their names and which ones are edible. (don't worry, she knows exactly which ones are and which ones she can try and aside from a brief period when all she wanted to do was cut and carry chives around with her, all has been fine. Trust me, you don't want to travel around with a child who smells like onions.)

But she was so irate that I told her I would look them up on the computer when I got home.

And when I got home, I found out the chestnuts were Horse Chestnuts. Toxic to humans Horse Chestnuts......That look a lot like the Sweet Chestnuts that I love. 

Horse Chestnuts
From Poisonous Plants Website: "Horse chestnut poisoning is rarely fatal, but typically causes vomiting, loss of coordination, stupor, and occasionally, paralysis." Most poisonings occur from people roasting and eating the fruit in the mistaken belief that they are the same as sweet chestnuts. They aren’t!

I don't know how she knew I should not eat them or really, what made her feel that way. Did she have a hunch? Was her intuition kicking in while I blatantly ignored mine in the face of free food???? (God, I AM a glutton.....)

I told her I was wrong and she was right and that we should not and would not be eating those nuts. 

At any rate, this all became a very very good lesson about NOT just eating something if you aren't sure what it is/where it came from. And even if you are sure, you need to be really sure. (And possibly, just buy all your nuts at the store.)

However, I think I may be the one who learned this lesson....



Dug potatoes before supper & after Bess and I gathered wood & I sawed up xxxx for the fireplace.

W. cool, cloudy
R. 10


Emma better. Attended fall festival at nature center. Over Will home to drop Emma off w/ Mr & Mrs R to stay all night. Spoke to Deanna M on the telephone. Over Gary & Susan's to supper.

W. Sunny, beautiful fall day.
R. Undetermined at this point.

October 8 & 9, 1910

October 8, 1910

Started to work all day Saturday. Bess down to sewing club at hXXs to supper & I over home. Cut my fingers on lantern chimney. Got wood at xxx  xxxxx. 

W. Cold
R. 12

October 9, 1910

Went to S.S. & B & K and I walked (ok, he's using a fountain pen and it's HARD to read. Suffice to say they walked all over a number of streets whose names I cannot make out.) walked back through the park over home to supper. 

W. Cloudy Cold
R. 9:30

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7, 1910

Dug potatoes before supper & sat  in the kitchen till about 9 & went to bed early.

W. Colder
R. 10

I meant to mention this yesterday, but I think perhaps it makes more sense today. Now that he's working 9 hrs a day, 6 days a week, I wonder if his schedule will slow down a bit. Her certainly seems tired this evening.


Worked at the museum today and walked around on lunch taking pictures. Gorgeous fall day. Over Will's home to supper & saw Mr & Mrs R. Emma in bed sick this evening. Cat eating houseplants.

W. Sunny, Fine.
R. 10:50

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adam & Bess Are Back!

My oh my, look how much time has gone by with an update from Adam and Bess. How I've missed them. I haven't even picked up the diary because each time I did I felt mildly guilty. This summer was a busy one for me. (and Adam too!)

I've decided to start with October 1st and just tell you what happened in August & September. (And it's 10:09 when I'm starting this-I'm supposed to be in bed at 11, remember?!?!-That sleep thing is kind of working out for me. When I actually go to bed I early on time I feel great. However, I haven't done it every night. More on sleep another time.

So Adam and Bess. 

Adam spent much of August & September painting the house, staining the stairs, finishing the back porch. This one again, makes me feel like they have a newly built home. (Sometime I'll go to Syracuse and look for it.) In early August they went on vacation to their "camp" and they went with a lot of the people you're already familiar with. It seems like this is a place they've been before and plan on going back to as they do some work on the cottage while there. It rains A LOT and Bess wants to go home. One night, (not on vacation) Adam "gets Bess started" and she gets mad and won't talk to him all night. He gets up early the  next morning and makes sure to mention he "Made my own breakfast" and tried to get out before Bess was up. Bess however, comes down before he leaves and he goes to work "sulkey" That evening they don't even talk until bed. It must have been a doosie of a fight. They next day they go to someone's house and all seems fine. They went to the State fair. He also gets off early from work because of the Fair but he comes home and paints instead. His mother visits Rochester, which makes me wonder who she was visiting, were they relatives? Did that branch of the family end up with this diary???? He works more around the house. He bought 2 peach baskets for  5 cents. He develops pictures. He picks tomatoes. He goes bowling. He's making copper lanterns. 

October 1, 1910 

Did not wake up till 7 a.m. & telephoned Bob (this was the entry that I found after I assumed he had no phone) & stayed home & painted all day. It was very windy & could hardly hold the ladder up. Kathy up and stayed. 

W. Cold & Windy
R. 10

October 2, 1910

xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx to see Clara & came over to the house. Bess and I to her church and I to S.S. I walked down to James st & down to the xxxxx house after supper. 

W. Cold
R. 12:30

October 3, 1910

Started to work 9 hours & 6 days at the shop. Some school teachers up in the afternoon & Kathy stayed to supper. Gertie over and B & I walked down to the Hair Makers & to the car with her. She is looking and feeling fine. 

W. xxx, windy
R. 9 

You may remember back in July, Gertie was sick in Philadelphia and they didn't think she was going to make it.  I'm sure you're glad to see her on the mend, I sure was. Does she need a wig I wonder?? What the heck is a Hair Maker (and that is capitalized in the diary.) And I it's also written very clearly. I can't find any use of those words together like that.

October 4, 1910 

Stayed home. xxxx over and I washed my aprons & dug some potatoes. King Manuel of Portugal dethroned by the Republicans. 

W. Windy, Warm
R. 10:00

Oh, my Historian Adam. Of course, he's not really a historian as much as he's a news guy, if you think about it. It's history now, but was news back then. 

Apparently King Manuel was the last of the monarchy.

From Wikipedia:
Between October 4–5, 1910, the Republican Revolution erupted in the streets of Lisbon. What started as a military coup commenced by soldiers, was joined by some civilians and municipal guards attacking the loyal garrisons and the royal palace, while the guns from a warship added to the cannonade. The Palace of Necessidades (then official residence of the young King) was bombarded, forcing D. Manuel to move to the Mafra National Palace, where he rendezvoused with his mother, Queen D. Amélia and his grandmother, the Queen Mother Maria Pia of Savoy. Strangely, popular reaction to the events did not materialize: pictures from the square in front of the City Hall in Lisbon (where the declaration of the Republic occurred) did not show an overwhelming multitude, and even some in the military were fearful that their actions would not be successful.[7] One day later, once it was clear that the Republicans had taken the country, D. Manuel II decided to embark from Ericeira on the royal yacht Amélia IV for Oporto. It is unclear whether officials of the monarchy motivated D. Manuel to change his intentions[8], or whether he was forced to change his destination enroute[9]: the Royal Family disembarked in Gibraltar shortly later, after they received notice that Oporto had fallen to the Republicans. The coup d'etat was complete, and the Royal Family departed for exile[10], arriving in England, where he was received by King George V

Also, he's digging potatoes. Remember all of those 250 hills of potatoes in his back yard. I wonder how his crop grew.  Mine was nice, but small. I still have some out there that I need to dig as well. 

October 5, 1910

Up home to supper & I went to the gym & met Bess at 9:45. 

W. Fine, some rain
R. 10:30

October 6, 1910

Bess up home and it rained steady after 4 p.m. & I up to Ma's to supper & met Bess at 9:15.

W. Hot all day till the rain. 
R. 10:30

I love when I'm caught up and I can compare it to the current day.

W. It was cold and rainy here today.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prizewinning Pound Cake

I told you it was good. 

And I guess I was right because this weekend, I entered my favorite pound cake at the Agricultural Society Fair & Exposition at the Genesee Country Village & Museum and I took home the BLUE RIBBON for it!!

I entered the 21st century pound cake category because to enter the 19th century category you need to cook your entry in a cast iron stove, or over a fire or in a fireplace oven. I just didn't have access to that!

However, I did add a healthy dose of rosewater in place of the vanilla to give it a 19th century flair. What probably helped me win it though, was the rose cake pan that I borrowed from my MIL as well as the blue willow plate that I served it on.

I'll be perfectly honest, there were only 4 cakes in the pound cake category. Still, I've never won anything with my cooking or baking so I was pretty tickled.

I was also a judge-I judged flavored vinegar (all were fantastic) and 2 kids categories-cut & rolled sugar cookies and a 19th century craft. The craft was a woven (on a loom) scarf. It was the only entry in the category. But it was done by a CHILD and it was GORGEOUS. I'm SO taking a weaving class at the museum sometime.

We had a lot of fun.
We pet baby cows

I love looking at all the different heirloom produce displayed. 
We saw a horse powered threshing machine. I've read about this and have never seen it before so this was neat
 We visited my pioneer Deanna, the mid-wife over at Keiffer's Place. Check out that Prussian Blue door behind her! It's a color original to the house! Isn't that wild! (also check out her 19th century hair!) While we were there we also met an exchange student from Finland who was here through the Rotary Club-Just like my friend Mari 20 years ago!

I'd also really like to spin and dye my own yard, however, I doubt that I would like anyone enough to give away something I knit with this kind of yarn so perhaps not.... 

My girl had a blast in the children's hands-on exhibit in the Mackay Homestead.

And she visited the Romulus Female Seminary twice because she had so much fun at the desk. 

The only indoor toilet in the village. Look closely at this because it cracks me up. There are 2 seats here!!! Really?? Were people really sitting here together at one time??? Who would want to do that?

 They had these crazy dancers that my daughter loved. They wore bells and a lot of flair. They also did a lot of audience participation dances... I did one that we had to do all kinds of hand claps and another where we had to bang sticks together. (notice I'm not posting those pictures). This round I sat out and took pictures while my lucky husband got to dance in the circle.