Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th-Dino Cake

Tomorrow is my girl's 5th birthday party. This is a big one for her  because it is the first time we are having a kids party. She wanted to invite only boys because she doesn't think girls like Dinosaurs. We convinced her that inviting friends would be more appropriate than random boys.  She's wearing a plastic pith helmet and her girlfriends will have pink princess crowns. We are playing pass the dinosaur and going on a archaeological expedition where the kids can search for dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. We have a craft with pink glittery dinosaurs to appeal to everyone.

I'm a pretty ok hostess. I can throw an intimate dinner for 8 without much grief. I host major Holidays. I've thrown a bridal shower brunch. I like those things. I'm comfortable in that arena.

Kids parties, not so much. I'm completely out of my element. I think I've been on the phone with Deanna (Queen of Children's Party Planning) every day this week about a 2 hour party for 9 pre-schoolers. And to tell you the truth, Deanna planned most of this party for me.  I did, in fact, come up with the cake myself. It's not the prettiest cake I've ever made but my girl is going to love it when she sees it tomorrow morning. I am particularly fond of the volcano made from a sugar cone and red sparkly gel frosting.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

VERY impressed with you -- great job on the cake!! LOVE the sugar cone volcano, also!! See you tomorrow -- call me if you need anything else!

Christine said...

Thanks! It's all you! (except the volcano!)

Krista said...

Awww! I am sure everyone is going to have a great time. How could they not with a cake that awesome??!!

Great job!

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Very cool! Nick read this post standing behind me. He said, "Girls DO like dinosaurs!"

Love the cake. Happy Birthday to Emma.

Christine said...

Yup! girls do like Dinosaurs!!! It's funny because she's all about dinosaurs BUT was worried this week that she was going to get all boy presents ?!?!? At one point she said. "what if someone gives me a Star Wars Set?" I have no idea why this would worry her but I assured her that probably would not happen. I also know that she's getting some girly things so that should be a nice balance!

Unknown said...

Oh contraire, that is the best looking cake I've ever seen.