Monday, December 14, 2009

December 11th Makeup-Ladies Who Lunch

Last Friday Leighanne and I drove to my favorite little hamlet of Pultneyville for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants that looks over a little inlet & the lake. We've been trying to have this lunch since August! We had a late lunch &  the whole place to ourselves.

I didn't do pictures for the weekend because Saturday's would have been a picture of Cosmos at my neighbor's annual Christmas party and Sunday's would have been the pillow that I laid my aching head on for a good part of the day. I should have stuck with beer. I am NOT a good drinker, although I pretended to be on Saturday evening.....


lianna26 said...

It was such a great afternoon wasn't it?! I so enjoyed myself (minus the slight anxiety of waiting for Tim to call to say that they had in fact gotten the mattress down the stairs in our room - it is HEAVEN BTW)>
I am so glad that we do have these times to share...take time out of our busy scheudles (during the holidays no less) and enjoy each other's company.
I tried, to no avail, to explain the "swapping of spouses" to Tim. He didn't get it, nor did he find it half as funny as we did, but that's par for the course I suppose (I'm saying to you...). He also added, that since we have made so many recent home improvements there was no way he was leaving our house. Being that you've said you aren't leaving your home, I guess its a stalemate:) Thought you would enjoy that.
Let's plan something with our spouses soon...can't wait for you to see all the work we've done around here.
Love you my friend!

Christine said...

hmmm...I think Tim just doesn't want to marry me.

He could do WONDERS with this house.

Tell him he could do worse than me. And I wouldn't bug him to call me all the time.

lianna26 said...

LOL! You might get him on the "not bugging him to call" part :)

He's said, more than once, NO MORE MARRIAGES...guess I am stuck with him! :)