Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Husband Helps The Homestead!

I'm trying to keep my blogs separate as they focus on 2 different things but this past weekend my husband scored big on the frugal gardening front! Head on over to find out how!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If Sotheby's Can Buy Secondhand So Can You

I'm a reader. I read everyday. I have a lot of books in the house. Some are mine, many belong to the local library. I rarely feel the need to own a book any more. When I do buy a book, it's usually from the independent seller section of Amazon. Sometimes they are new, but most often, gently used. Mostly what I buy would be garden books, cookbooks, or some other technical tome that I would need to keep referring to. My daughter has many many books, many from garage sales, gifts and library sales. Why do these things need to be new? Why create more books when there are people who don't want the one you are looking for? Why not support the little guy?

I also occasionally sell books on Amazon. Usually my own books that I don't want/need anymore or some that I pick up at the library for $1. I'm not getting rich off it, but I am paying for my daughter's pre-school & dance tuition this way!

Anyway, today, I actually shipped a book that I sold to Sotheby's Art Department!!! Seriously! This was not a rare or expensive book. It's currently in stock at Amazon and can be bought for under $20. My copy was in excellent like new condition and sold for $6. I was so tickled that Sotheby's was saving money this way I needed to share it. If it's good enough for them, it ought to be good enough for you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Palm Oil-What You Need to Know!!!

Ok, I'm sitting here, curled up in a chair in front of probably one of the last cosy fires of the season. Everyone else is in bed. I've actually turned the chair all the way in front of the fire so it's just me and my fireplace. I just threw another log on and I'm planning on reading a book...

Oh what? What about the title of this post?

Palm Oil.

Don't use it!!! Don't buy products that include it.


Well , since I'm all cosy and ready to read I think I'll let my friend Karley, over at Chic And Green tell you about it!

Seriously, I'm not just dropping the ball on this one and letting someone else write my post this evening. I've know about some of the negative aspects of palm oil for a little while now, but Karley has done an excellent job of laying it all out for you. EVERYTHING you need to know about this subject is in her latest post!

While you are over there, check out the rest of her blog-It's an awesome mix of natural living, indie shopping, and a little bit of everything else! She also has a WONDERFUL, and I mean WONDERFUL line of facial care products and cosmetics that she creates, HERSELF!!! They are all natural, great for your skin, and very affordable! She also lives in my town and we became coffee buddies after she bought a bowl from me on eBay! What a bargain!

Check Out My New Digs

For a while now I've toyed with the idea of starting a new blog journaling the progress of my garden efforts, If only for my own personal record. My very next thought was that possibly no one else wants to read about growing peas. I however, want to write about that!

I have, of course, been blogging about gardening in this blog, but lately I feel a push to do more, grow more, produce more. That push has led me to my new blog,

A Homestead Life.

Please hop on over and join me as I grow veggies, fight deer and make my own butter!!!

I plan to keep both blogs for now as they both serve a different purpose. However, if I can't keep up or one seems to be more important than the other to me, then I may possibly combine the two.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here I am!!!

Well folks, my one reader, Cath, complained again that I haven't posted in a while. (Hi Cath!)

Since that last post you probably thought I ran off to join the Kalahari Bushmen of Africa. In truth our house was a hotbed of sickness last week where we were all sick! I am only now feeling like I am back into the swing of things! (and it's already Thursday!!) While sick I had a number of great blog ideas but no real inclination towards posting!

I'm back and there will be more to follow!