Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd-I'm A Cheap Date

Today on the way home from work my husband stopped at the store to buy my daughter a sled for Christmas. When he got home, he brought with him, a dozen roses for me.

I was pretty surprised and asked why he got them for me. 
He replied, "Well I saw the roses. And then I saw the cheap price and I thought of you..."

This is the same man, who, just today, was stopped in the school cafeteria by an imposing African-American 8th grade girl who proceeded to tell him,

"For an older white guy you're pretty cute. We all think so.." Done with a sweeping hand gesture to a table full of 8th grade girls.... (I would NEVER have said this to a teacher. Heck, I don't even say stuff like that to attractive men at parties....)

Yes, it is true folks, I am the envy of many a Middle School Girl.

The roses are very nice though.

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lianna26 said...

How sweet of Will. Enjoy the beautiful roses!!!