Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th-Pittsford Farms Dairy Eggnog

One of the reasons that I love Christmas is because of eggnog. And not just any eggnog. This is the very best eggnog in the world.


It's from a local dairy but at this time of year they sell it at Wegmans. I'm so very sorry for you if you do not  live near me because this is life experience you really should have. It's creamy and made with REAL ingredients & real spices. (and look at the darn label. Isn't it cute?) I just cannot express to you my love for this beverage. There is nothing fake in this product and they are also nice enough not to include the nutritional breakdown anywhere on the package.

And the cost, well it's pretty expensive. This little qt size bottle is $5.49. You can get 1/2 gallon for $9.99. I never do get a half gallon at a time though because I would feel waaaaaaay decadent and I really don't need to consume a 1/2 gallon of eggnog each week from Thanksgiving to New Years. And yes, I do buy it every week.

You might think it's funny that a frugal girl like myself would even consider purchasing this item but I  use it as coffee creamer and it  beats paying $5 for a Starbucks Eggnog Latte that I also love so much. (And please don't even try and tell me that your fake eggnog non-dairy creamer even comes close to this perfection of dairy delight. It doesn't and you are fooling yourself.  Don't even get me started on non-dairy creamer, it won't be pretty.) In  case you are wondering what I drink in my coffee when it's not The Eggnog Christmas Season, I drink half and half. I KNOW, GASP, it's not even fat-free! 

I tend to splurge on quality rather than quantity. $5.49 may be expensive for Eggnog (or coffee creamer) but think of all of the way's you've probably wasted $5.49 before.  I get my magazines at the library for $0.25 because I can't bear to spend $5 on one, $20 a gallon for eggnog is not a big deal for me. It's all in your priorities. And mine include real food and eggnog.

I have an ice cream maker and I have been pondering taking this and trying it out in there, but I feel that might just be a little too decadent even for an eggnog lover like myself.  I might quickly make the leap from lover to junkie and I'm still looking to be able to zip my pants in the new year.

(Again, thanking God that I am not not lactose intolerant.)


Unknown said...

You have made me so thirsty for egg nog right now...

Christine said...

I've got some in my coffee as I write this!

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Delicious eggnog. I am also in love with their Creme Brulee and plan to get some for Christmas...YUM!

lianna26 said...

I still need to try this eggnog. Every time I see it I think of you and you saying how incredible good it is. I am voting for you trying the ice cream its heavenly!

Christine said...

I have not had the creme brulee Karley. I bet it's just as good. I knew you would have had it!

And I got your message for coffee-Would love to! I'll email you tomorrow!