Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh my goodness.


We watched it this evening for movie night (borrowed from the library and with homemade popcorn!) All I can say is:


I spent much of this movie in tears. Big, fat, blow your nose loudly kind of tears.  I knew what this movie was about but I didn't KNOW what this movie was ABOUT. It's about love and grief and aging and adventure and friendship and finding your way when you are lost & when you have lost.

My daughter really liked it but there was an underlying  sub-text that she all but missed.  Not that it mattered, the talking dogs kept her entertained  (possibly a spillover from her Scooby Doo watching....)  It truly was a movie for everyone. 


See it!!!


Jacquie said...

I agree. It was great. But, if you haven't seen them or noticed already, most Pixar movies are like that. Fantastic with an underlying moral theme. We never miss a chance to see a Pixar movie. Those are my recommendations for Movie Night (and a few Scooby Doo movies now and then don't hurt either!)

Christine said...

I'll have to check, I'm not sure that I'm all that aware of which movies are Pixar and which are not.... Was a bugs life? I love A Bugs life. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Great movie! We saw it at the theater, and then got a copy when it came out on video. Kenzie loves the dogs and the colors, Liv felt a little sad about the end, but I told her that he gives up one thing for something much better (won't say anything more for fear of spoiling it for others!) -- but yes, great movie!

Bugs Life is Pixar -- another cute one! So is Cars, Toys Story, Monsters Inc, etc. Some of our favorites!

pedalpower said...

I was the same way...gobs of tears..and the sinuses going so that I had to hold a Kleenex box. No one told me that the movie was about me (sob). Maybe everyone feels that way when they watch this show, but I know his wife is me.