Friday, April 9, 2010

April 6-9, 1910

April 6, 1910

Rained at 6 pm. I rode home in 16 min but was soaked. Bess and I took supper over home & ate with Ma. I did some developing & printing.

W. cold & rain

R. 10:30 

April 7, 1910

Colder and tried hard to snow some.   Bess home and I over to Ma's to supper. Went home at 8 and it was cold in house. I thought Bess had key and I locked her out & she woke me at 11:30 to get in. 

W. cold snow
R. 12

April 8, 1910

All the boys at the job went out early & I at 5:50. Bess had a headache and after supper we walked up to the reservoir. Babcock and his wife came up.
W. Fine Cold
R. 12

April 9, 1910

Arose at 4:20 to see Halley's Comet but it was too cloudy. Did some grading and sodding on the side yard. Kathy up.

Oh I have many things that I wish to say about these entries as they were long over due and there are some interesting things in there.  I also had a long over due chat with Stephanie tonight so I didn't get to those comments. I will let you draw you  own conclusions.  I will note that I am SURE now that his wheel is a bike because he got soaked when he road it home!

It's so late here that I just got an email from my friend in Finland who just got up!

Goodnight folks!

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