Friday, April 16, 2010

The Internet is Starting To Creep Me Out

So now Sabra Hummus is back to following me on Twitter. Thanks Sabra Hummus people. I really wasn't going to Tweet bad things about you.

Gosh, you can't say anything anymore without someone hearing you.....


Meredith said...

The internet is a dangerous place. It is addicting - first it was just email, (the gateway), then MySpace which is quickly outgrown and replaced with the more 'hardcore' Facebook.

Facebook satisfies the fix for a while (all those status updates) but then you say the wrong thing and someone gets offended and then you 'accidentally' delete them as a 'friend' and then you have to make up some excuse why you 'accidentally' deleted them so they will re-friend you.

Twitter is like the cocaine of internet useage. The government is archiving all Twitter messages.

No one needs to be that plugged in. :) Be careful! Those Hummus people may come after you.

Christine said...

I think it's crazy about archiving all of the twitter posts-On some level I think we say a whole lot of nothing mostly and I agree about being that "plugged in" I've never been that clever on my own FB updates, which is possibly why I stink at Twitter.

FB is so strange because I have been friended by people in High School that I've never spoken to. At one point I cleaned a few people out and one of them actually emailed me to say "I thought we were friends." It was the second time I had unfriended her and frankly, I had no interest in the fact she had too many enchiladas for lunch....It was that pointless.

I have enjoyed it to say hi to people I have not seen in a long time though.