Sunday, April 11, 2010

Follow Me on Twitter.....Please.........

Ok, would someone please follow me on Twitter????

I only have 6 followers (of course I'm only following 4 people currently...)and I need some Twitter practice for an upcoming project....  You can click the link in this post or on the one I created over on the right side over my picture.

I'm not really sure how this is going to work, and I promise I won't tell you what I had for lunch. Ok, maybe I will tell you what I had for lunch....If it's somewhere interesting.

What will be interesting (for me anyway) is to see what can be done with only 140 characters-anyone who knows me or reads this blog can attest that brevity is not my strong point. I'm also not a fan of those Facebook status updates like "Picking lint out of my bellybutton while watching Sanford and Sons marathon" so rest assured, I'll try and come up with something more useful than that.

And what about all you tweeters out there? What do you actually tweet about? How many times per day do you utilize this? How often do you look at the tweets of others? How often do you re-tweet something you read? I need to know this info-PRONTO. Help a gal out now...

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