Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Possibly Perfect Plant

Let me introduce you to the current star of my garden. 
The Hellebore.

I only have one (they are rather expensive. $15-$25 for a normal size perennial. While I frequently spend more than that on my garden, I find it's much easier to purchase $25 worth of vegetables than one flower. The one I have was  a gift. I sure do wish people in my life would gift me more of these flowers. Someday I will have a yard full of these)


Serious Beauty!

They are also known as a "Christmas Rose" or a "Lenten Rose" depending on where you live. Where I live it would be known as a "Lenten Rose." YES, this beauty is blooming in my yard RIGHT NOW!

Nothing else is. 

There are tons of blooms on it and the blooms last a long time.

 I think of these flowers as unearthly beautiful and wonder how a seed geranium and hellebore can both even be called flower???  I have a special fondness for any flowers with green in them. I also love Bells of Ireland and Envy Zinnia. I grow Envy almost every year but I've never mastered Bells of Ireland.

They come in a gorgeous array of colors.

Not mine

Seriously, do these not look fake!!! These are almost too beautiful to look at.

The color of my  flowers remind me of a delicate filmy flowy dress that I would love to wear. Something 20's 
style with a hat with a large brim, possibly on a date with Adam

Unfortunately I don't look good in "flowy", look washed out in light pink and green, can't think of anywhere  that I would need to wear a hat & Adam is 126 years old now.

Oh well, at least I can enjoy the colors in my garden.


Unknown said...

Wow that is a lovely flower. I adore the green in it too.

BTW-I can picture you such outfit regardless if it makes you look washed out or not! Funny how you would trade in the six pack abs for the 126 year old.

Christine said...

I'm glad you can picture me in it-Thank You! Perhaps Adam has six pack abs too...He does play a lot of sports.

Besides, on my date with Adam I picture him younger than 126. And he's a gentleman from 1910 so I wouldn't see his abs. I think he would just hold my hand and say sweet things to me as we walked in the gully on a mild summer day......

Unknown said...

Perhaps he would give you a flower blossom too!

Meredith said...

I love it!!!! I can't wait to get one!! Do they produce their own seeds to save and start more plants? Can you take a trimming and root it? That way you can have more without the expense!
I an infatuated with Bells of Ireland. i have grown them for a few years now and the seeds are so tricky. The best place I have found them is from Baker Creek Seeds. They seem to germinate the best and but they still take FOREVER!!!!

Christine said...

Meredith-I lifted this info from another website:


Plants generally seed freely but the seeds of most Helleborus orientalis plants that are generally available commercially rarely come true and plants are slow to germinate. Plants hate their roots being disturbed so when it is time to split them in very early spring or autumn, they do tend to take a while to recover.

They are best grown in damp shade conditions as they grow wild in the margins of woodland. They are not too fussy about the type of soil they are grown in but do grow well in well-drained, humus rich soil out of direct sunlight and avoiding too much competition for moisture from tree roots.

I just went outside and looked at my plant. There are a bunch of little seedlings at the base of it.