Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 27th & 28th, 1910

April 27th, 1910

Arose at 5:30 and dug some sod before breakfast. Bess and I up to Etta Broms on Fulton street. Florence Hauer & M------- Kleiner, Mr & Mrs Lenz, N----- & Chet Daniels were there. We had a fine time.

W. Colder
R. 12:15

April 28, 1910

Stayed home and did some grading in the front yard. 

 W. Colder
R. 10:30
I might add that this is Thursday. Did he call in sick to work on the yard? I'm gathering that this is a new house because he has no yard. Also, previously he mentioned someone came up to see the house and he and Bess took a walk to see some other new houses, which are obviously in walking distance.

I also found this listing for a house at 417 Stinard Ave, the house was built in 1908  This should at least give us a frame of reference on what the house might have looked like. I did confirm that there was a  lot of new building going on in the area and many of the houses on that street were built in 1910.

An interesting tidbit that I picked up was that in the 1960's, Vice President Joe Biden and his first wife (who was killed in a car crash) lived  at 608 Stinard Ave while he attended  Syracuse Law school.

I'm not convinced I have the entire story on the house but that will need to be continued another day.


Heather said...

I bet your public library would either help you gain access or have Sanborn insurance maps that would detail the area at a plot by plot level to confirm the location for you. Here is a list of state locations which drill down to towns/cities and what libraries hold Sanborn maps for that location:

Christine said...

Why thank you so much Heather! I will be looking into this today!