Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 31- April 2nd, 1910

March 31, 1910

Sewing club at the house. Started the furnace fire again. 

W. Windy & Colder
R. 11:30

April 1, 1910

April Fool
Bill (Boss) got called to the office twice & Tooker mixed up & caught the girls with pepper candy. 
Ma better. 

W. Fine
R. 11:30

Wow, all kinds if hi-jinks going on at the factory.  I think people had more fun back then. Or were at least more amused by small things. We are really way too sophisticated now. I bet no one in your office mixed up the candy as a joke did they???  Further, this mixing up of the candy is actually something he's still thinking about at 11:30 in the evening. Would this make such an impression on you? We are all really too cool now.

April 2, 1910 (Saturday)

Brad came on the job at 11 & stayed and kept Bill after 12. I graded the side yard & did some ironing and pressing after supper. B & K to matinee. 

W. Fine Warm
R. 10

in small letters running up the side of the page (like he learned of this later) it says:
Brad kept Bill after 12 and fired him.

BIG NEWS!! Vindicated at last. Really, how often does your evil boss get fired?  Usually your evil boss gets a promotion.

Now Adam can continue his late arrivals to work without having to worry about Bill getting all in his face over it.....

Most likely the factory wonders why Bill has such a terrible time enforcing showing up to work on time.... I really wish I knew the whole story here. He's complained about Bill so many times but I'd really like more information on this whole situation.


Krista said...

I wish I lived in a time where something like mixing up candy left such an impression!

SweetMissMagnolia said...

my nephews love playing pranks on the girls in the office--they give them some kind of "atomic sour" candies and just love to hear the girls fuss LOL......