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April 10-12, 1910

April 10, 1910

Went to S.S. & Mr & Mrs & Kathy & Art were up to dinner & supper. Clara Merle, Beatrice & Dave were over. 

W. Fine, Windy
R. 11

April 11, 1910

Babcock foreman. Started to work under Babcock who took Bill's place.

I think Babcock is his friend so this is promising.

April 12, 1910 

K & Bess out to see Gertie who came home sick. She said she had to sleep outside. Bess and I started out to Etta Broms's but the cars were tied up & we came home again. Bess stopped over home to sewing club. 

W. Fine, Cold
R. 12

Wow, I wonder where Gertie was that she had to sleep outside and got sick. Clearly her sleeping outside was something of note, I wish I knew what it was.

I think it's interesting to note that they had to change plans because the cars were tied up. My plans never change due to public transportation, do yours?  I wonder if this bothers him or if this is just a normal occurrence.  I wonder if they called Etta? Did they have a phone? That much is not clear. The telephone was already invented at this time.  In the back of the diary he has the addresses of his friends and family, I would imagine if there were phone numbers then perhaps he would keep them with the addresses.He never talks of calling anyone or receiving calls. A lot of face-to-face visiting goes on. I don't think he has a phone.

The thing I wish most is that Adam would elaborate on how these things make him feel a little more. Like,  "Gertie had to sleep outside, which was terrible" or "I felt really bad that we missed Etta because of the cars." He never does that though.

What I'm taking from this, and I may be wrong in this assumption, is that the things that he mention each day have stuck with him for some reason. Either they bothered or delighted or moved him the most. Certainly one does not  mention his mother is sick almost every day if it's not weighing on his mind. If you rode your bike home in in the rain on a cold April day, that's going to make an impression. In my mind, those are the things that he feels most strongly about.

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