Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 23-26, 1910

April 23, 1910 

I got 4 mattresses from Benjamin. Ray helped me sod after dinner but it rained every 10 minutes & it kept us busy.

Now no one needs to sleep on the settee when Kathy visits... 

April 24, 1910

Bess and I walked out to the wood at the end of the car line & over to the stone quarry & got some shrubbery for the front yard. It started to rain before we got back at 10:30. Over home to dinner and to our church at night.

W. ------ Cloudy
R. 11

April 25, 1910

We got notice that the vacation for the factory will be the first 2 weeks of August. Finished sod in the side yard. Bess up home and I mad until she came back. 

W. Fine, warm
R. 11:30

I think it's interesting that he's getting 2 weeks off from the factory. Sure, the factory tells him when to take it, but still, it's comparable to many jobs today.

I wonder why he was mad?  I don't imagine she's helping him with the sod and he needs her for that.Did they have words that prompted her to go "up home"?  I wonder if he really was mad "till she got home" because that would imply to me that as soon as she got home he stopped being mad, but mostly the world doesn't work like that does it ;-) 

April 26, 1910

Met Carroll Sanger at 6 & he came up to supper.  Kathy was also up and slept on the balcony.

Ah, putting the mattresses to good use already. My goodness, it must be pretty nice to be sleeping on the balcony at this time of year. I'm currently sitting next to a fire in the fireplace. Admittedly, it's probably the last one until fall but it's way too chilly out to be sleeping on my porch....

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