Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Are All In This Together

I know it's a few days past, but we went to church on Easter.

We had not planned to but my daughter asked, and how often does that happen?  Father Tim is usually worth the price of admission. This Sunday, more so than normal though.

After the homily he stopped and said,

"Now we're going to do something different I tried last year, and well, I liked it so we're going to do it again."

I'll tell you, I'm not really about "doing different" things at church. I'm a somewhat self-conscious participant. Church is not always comfortable for me. I just want to sit and listen (not a good choice for a Catholic....) I practically get sweaty during the sign of peace. I don't really want to touch strangers and sometimes they hug a little. It's kind of uncomfortable for me. I don't know why. So the thought of "doing something different" wasn't a thrilling prospect.

I do not want curve balls at church.

After we quieted down he told us that he was going to ask us to stand at the appropriate time and to picture in our hearts the loved ones he mentioned. 

He then asked all of the people who had a lost a child to stand up.
Very quietly and slowly a small group of people, young and old stood up.
We all looked at them, most of us, hardly able to imagine the pain they've seen. 
Then he asked you to stand if you had lost your mother.
And then if you had lost your father.
It was all very quiet. More people rose.
Spouses were next.
Brothers and Sisters
By the time he reached Grandparents everyone was up.

And quietly and clearly and with reverence he said, "Look around you, notice we really ARE all in this together."

And for someone uncomfortable with the sign of peace, hardly being able to control my tears was a real shock to me. Crying in church is definitely harder for me than touching strangers. 

Maybe if you participated in this excercies before it would not be so emotional but there was something so moving about the energy in that room. Something so real.

And true.

We are all in this together and we are really all that we have.

It's so very easy to forget this sometimes. It was the best church service I've ever been to.

3 days later I'm still thinking about it.

Peace be with you.


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

This is such a great post, Chris! I wholeheartedly agree -- Father Tim IS worth the price of admission! It's funny, I dropped Liv off at Girl Scouts last night, and her troop meets at another church a block over from St MM, and as I drove by the street and could see a little of the church, I really got this warm feeling of home from it -- something else he mentioned on Sunday -- whether we are there one Sunday, or every Sunday, it's our home. I just love how welcoming they are there, and he is such a wonderful, inspirational speaker -- I've been to a LOT of churches over the years, and I am so thrilled to have finally found this one! (Thanks to you guys, actually!) As soon as he said, "we did this last year, but I liked it and want to do it again" I remembered it from last year. It is such a powerful illustration of something that brings us all together. Of course, I had a little bit of a distraction this time, which was that the girls and I were sitting there, and Kenzie heard the word "sister" and saw people standing, and must have thought, "I have a sister" and so she stood up -- which caused Liv to look at me in a mix of shock and then amusement... Glad we got to spend a little time with you guys on Sunday!

Christine said...

It was nice to be there with you too!

I thought Liv was looking at you shocked and amused because I couldn't control myself.

It's so funny that we could walk to St. T. from our house but prefer to get into the car and drive to MM.
It's mostly Father Tim.

Unknown said...

What a touching post, it gave me chills and brought a small tear to my eye. Had I been there in person I would have been bawling.

Religion and Church mean something different to each of us so it's wonderful to hear a Priest or Paster (whom ever) say "It's our home". I'm glad you and De have a place you feel comfortable to worship, I think it makes all the difference.

Thanks for sharing and Peace be with you too! (hug) (Yep I'm a hugger lol)

Christine said...

Well I would not mind hugging you, it's random people that I freeze up with.

Thanks for the feedback, I was not sure how well the experience would translate into words and wondered if it would still seem touching.