Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 29th-May 3rd 1910

April 29, 1910

Stayed home and washed my aprons & read the paper. It was much colder and rained and snowed some. Warmer at night. 

W Cold. Snow
R. 9:30

April 30, 1910

I cut Aunt Carrie's lawn and Uncle Christ and I plowed up my lot. Bess up home & I stopped to Babcock and got some pansy at the green house in the rear and went up to Kathy. her birthday.

W. Fine
R. 12

May 1, 1910 

Bess & I went to church and Dave & Beatrice were there. I went to SS with them & K up to dinner & we three walked out to the woods.  Mr & Mrs W came up at 6 pm & it thundered and lightninged. 

W. Cold
R. 10

May 2, 1910

After supper I got Aunt Carries horse and drove up home & got a bed. Bess rode down town with me to meet Kathy.  I home at 9:30 and helped Aunt Carrie clean onions and she gave us a bag.  It thundered and lightninged and I went to the car to meet the girls but they did not come until 12:45.

W. -- ------ rain. 
R. 1

May 3, 1910 

Started to grade the back yard for a lawn. 

W. Fine
R. 11

hmm....I'm wondering, is Adam calling in sick for all of this time at home? He just mentioned the factory vacation in August a few days ago, I can't imagine he has more vacation. And yet, he seems somewhat cavalier about it...

And Kathy, have you all been wondering about Kathy and the inordinate amount of time that she spends with Bess and Adam? Also, who are these Mr & Mrs W (Witham) who show up a lot??  Kathy's last name is also Witham (it's in the back of his book under addresses)

The other night it dawned on me that these are probably his in-laws and Kathy, Bess's sister.

Upon looking at the census, I confirmed that I was right! Yup, our Bess appears with them as Bessie Witham! Score!!! Mrs and Mrs Witham's first names are Arthur and Katherine.

The also have a brother J. Arthur, who is one year younger than Bess. Kathy is 29, she is 5 years older than Bess.

Unlike Clara, Adam's sister, Kathy does end up a spinster. In the 1930 census, she is 49 and still living with her 71 year old mother. Her father, appears as the head of the family in 1920 so he must pass away between 1920 and 1930.   I hope she dates. I hope she isn't lonely. Is she very shy? homely?  Is she taking care of her sick mother? I wish Kathy kept a diary. The census also tells us that, like Clara, she is a teacher.

The most interesting thing about this is that she lives until 1979!  She lives to 98 years old! The women, obviously have longevity in this family as Bess lives to be 79!

Now we've solved the Kathy mystery. Additionally, it makes me think very differently about the fact that they are always over to Adam's parent's house. Clearly, they are both very family oriented. It also explains why Adam never seems bothered by Kathy's presence. (at least not in the diary!)

In case you are wondering, I caved in and got an membership. I just could not stand the not knowing any longer.... Now that I have both sides, I may have to do up a family tree for Bess and Adam.


Meredith said...

Have you looked arond to see if there are any decendants of Adam that are living? Would they know about his diary?

Christine said...

I'm having a hard time finding descendants. I'm actually not sure how to go about doing it. The census does not work as well backwards as you can't see who is on it after 1930. I've been trying to use the other options on Ancestry but I'm coming up empty. I did find a website that was a family tree of a cousin of Adams, but more on that another time. I have been meaning to contact the person who put that website up but I've been a little busy lately when it has crossed my mind.