Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th, 1910

Wednesday March 9th, 1910

Clara's Birthday. Rode my wheel for the first time. The boss had me at his desk for an hour. After work up to       's shop. To gym &      and I ran 1 mile. I took a steam bath.         Sewing club at Clara. I stopped and I got a bad cold & took a mustard foil bath.

W. Colder
R. 11

I am going to guess that his "wheel" is a bicycle. Especially because he uses the term "rode" rather than drove.  My romantic side wants to believe it is one of these large front wheel bicycles but I can't be sure. When I researched this, I found that both this type of bicycle (Called an ordinary bicycle) and the standard 2 wheel version that we have today (called a saftey bicycle, for obvious reasons) were both in use in 1910. Is he using the term "wheel" to refer to the fact that his bike only has one prominent wheel? I really wish I knew.

Thursday March 10, 1910

Late for work.  (a long sentence I cannot read) Stayed home at night & framed a picture.

W. Fine
R. 10:30

I think he needs to make a better effort to get to work on time seeing as he was at the boss's desk for an hour yesterday....

Friday March 11, 1910

Rome & Oswego against Syracuse Y.M.C.A Athletic meet.
Syracuse 62 points
Combined Team 3
I was in Stadium & Mile "Relay" & 3rd in R. B. J. 17" 5"
Small crowd

W. Fine
R. 11

I guess he found something to do without basketball.

Saturday March 12, 1910

Worked A.M. After dinner I cleaned the cellar & raked up the back yard & carried in some wood. Ma & Clara came over and sat with Bess on the back porch in the sun.  Home at night.

W. Fine Warm
R. 11

In case you have not noticed this before, he uses dinner to refer to lunch and supper to refer to, well, supper.


Krista said...

I don't care if we somehow find a picture of him on a "safety bicycle", I will always believe that it was a big wheeled bicycle!

Christine said...

Thanks Krista, Me too! ;-)