Sunday, March 7, 2010

Durand Eastman Park

Today was beautiful, 48 degrees and sunny so we headed 5 minutes from our house to the park along the lake. 

We watched firemen doing rescue drills on the pond. 


Decided to climb to the top of White Lady's Castle.  You can click on the link to read the ghost story but it's also thought to be the crumbling foundation to an old hotel, although no one can seem to find any pictures of it.
There are steps in the summer but they were all icy so we just climbed the hill. 


It was kind of steep. Almost there. 
It was at this point that we noticed a much easier trail up on the other side!!

View from the top.


Also at the top.  We were the only people there and it was pretty beautiful up there. The sky and the lake were a gorgeous blue. We saw animal prints and people prints and snowshoe prints!  I would love to try snowshoeing!

If you have not yet read my posts a little further down the page you'll probably think I'm a terrible parent when you get there. My girl has 2 ear infections (she IS wearing a hat with ear flaps!) But she has no fever and is on antibiotics. I'm not really the kind of person who gets all crazy about sick children outside (don't tell my mom)  and we felt like the sunshine would do her good. She was also ready for a rare nap this afternoon which was a treat for everone and we napped too!

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