Monday, March 1, 2010

Dreaming of April

Well I never did get a  Leopard Print Snuggie, but today I got something I've been wanting for a while  now

Leopard Print Rain Boots!!

 Seriously, I can't WAIT to garden in these babies.  I can't wait until it rains rather than snows. I kind of  hate March. And March is so darn L O N G after February . I should probably move somewhere slightly warmer because, although I like the snow, and (a real) winter and the holidays are a nice break from the garden, by March I'm feeling, well, I guess shriveled would be the word for it. At least my soul feels like that. My Vitamin D levels are at an all time low and I'm itching, really really itching to get back into my garden. Alas, that usually doesn't happen until April.

So when I saw these boots today at Aldi for $10 I jumped on them and started dreaming of spring.  I thought I would share some of my gardening favorites.

It was kind of funny because right after I left Aldi I went to the library and right on the book display was this lovely book. It's the book that I based my own vegetable garden on. Beautiful vegetable gardens with a nice history of the European style potager garden in the beginning. This year my goal is to have a more beautiful vegetable garden. I actually think a healthy vegetable garden is pretty beautiful but I didn't try and consciously plant for beauty. This year that is my goal. I brought this book home for all kinds of inspiration.

I also placed my order at Seed Savers Exchange for my FAVORITE La Ratte Potatoes pictured below.  I'm going to place a seed order as well but I wanted to make sure to get the potato order in ASAP because they do run out. 

If you like to garden and you've never seen Seed Savers Exchange you are in for such a treat. Seed Savers is  the Mac Daddy of Heirloom Seeds/Plants. (Did I just say Mac Daddy???) I rarely even look anywhere else. Look at that cover, do I even need to say anything else.


Then off to Gardener's Supply Company, a place that will make you think you need way more gardening gadgets than you actually do. I want half of this stuff. I'm toying with the thought of these Tomato Automators, which are supposed to prevent cutworms and boost production but I think they may be in direct conflict with my resolution to have a more beautiful vegetable garden. Tell me, are these ugly? I can't decide.

Ah well, that feels a little better. I think even writing about gardening makes my soul feel a little better. Maybe March won't be so long after all.

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