Monday, March 29, 2010

The Last Word On Roast Chicken

My husband is a very good cook. And most evenings he cooks dinner for us. He spends a lot of time flipping through various cooking magazines, making grocery lists and meal plans for the week (I know!!!)  Most of the time I'm all on board with this.

Except for Roast Chicken.

We can't seem to agree on a Roast Chicken recipe. Ok, I don't actually have my own recipe. I just sit around complaining about the different ways that he makes his. He prefers a high temperature roast but I think that makes the house smell and I don't like the finished product and am constantly worried that it is undercooked. It skeeves me out. Sometimes he makes an Asian style bird that calls for boiling it before roasting but that is really complicated and messy. Mostly I steer him to something else when he's talking about making a whole chicken.

Pretty much lately we've resorted to Wegman's rotisserie chicken

A while back we had a roast chicken at Jeannine's house that I loved  so I stalked her on her home and cell phones today trying to get this magic recipe. Unfortunately I was unable to locate her before I had to work on the bird. I did know that she roasts hers for a longer time on lower heat.

That in mind I found THIS RECIPE!!!

OMG... I'm done. I've found the prefect roast chicken recipe. It was so easy and the chicken was tender and literally falling off the bone.  It roasted for 5 hours today and it was cold and rainy out. What a wonderful smell wafting through the house. It's not ideal for a work night if someone is not home during the day but it went together so fast that it would be the perfect centerpiece of a nice Sunday meal that you didn't have to slave over all day long. It says to keep the rub on overnight which would have probably been really great but I only had 45 minutes before it needed to cook. It was fine. I also cut the amount of salt down from 4 tsps to 2 tsp and it was still salty, next time I might go less.

I think you could probably use any kind of seasoning you like as long as you stick with the cooking time/temp. Jeannine told me she pierces the skin and pours wine over the bird. Next time I may try that with some rosemary and garlic.

And my husband? He agreed that it was absolutely delicious!


Krista said...

Sticky chicken is the best chicken I have ever had! So, so good!

Christine said...

I could not believe how good this was. And really easy too. Since I usually buy a small rotisserie chicken it is enough to feed the 3 of us and have leftover for my husband's lunch the next day. For the same price I was able to buy a larger chicken and I have enough to put into a pasta dish we are making tonight for dinner.

Christine said...

And Krista, I imagine with your 3 boys there are not a lot of leftovers with this!