Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts on Books

I like to read a lot.

What I mean is I really like to read and I do it a lot.  Recently, I realized that given my penchant for the written word, it's strange that I hardly ever talk books on this blog.  In the side column you'll find 14 entries about books, 62 about frugality, 61 about food and 56 categorized as "about me." Apparently I like saving money and eating only slightly more than talking about myself....(Boy, that makes me sound like a fun party date doesn't it?)

But books, 14??? Heck, I have 14 entries about Entertainment and I feel like I hardly partake in that.... 17 for friends. And yes, I do like my friends as much as my books. (well maybe not AS much, but they ARE a CLOSE 2nd). But I really love books. I read at least one book a week and for those of you not as enamored of 1910 as I am, perhaps a book review each  week will be a welcome change for you. (Or perhaps not, as we all remember that most of you like it when I talk about Snuggies and rag on your scrambled eggs.)  Maybe book talk will be more of the same.

But I'll give it a shot.

I was an English major in college (Mostly because I love to read-I really should have been a Business or History major-I know, strange dichotomy right? ) But reading has served me well and accounts for much of who I am today. Back then I was strictly a fiction gal but my reading tastes have evolved over the years and now I find  I find I enjoy non-fiction as much as fiction. Strangely, when I have a lot on my mind I find it easier to get lost in non-fiction than fiction as I don't want to process someone else's personal life when I'm thinking about my own. For fiction I need a quiet mind.
I meant to review a book this evening but my own thoughts ran too long.  I'll start tomorrow. Review may be the wrong word, because I don't plan on talking about  books that I do not like.  

And this evening, I'll file this post under, what else, "About me."


Meredith said...

Are you like me and have about 4 books started at once? One for reading on the couch, one for in front of the stove, one for before bed....
We english-should-have-been-history majors seem to have a tendency for this.
I will never get an e-book. I love books. I love having a printed book in my hands. Going to Barns and Noble is as close as I can get to heaven.

Christine said...

Ha Meredith, kindred spirit-YES, I always home more than one book going at a time. Mine are usually a fiction, a non-fiction, something informative like a cook book or gardening book and a book on CD for boring chores around the house!

I'm all about the library.

Last weekend I was with someone who had a Kindle, I have to admit, I want one... It was light and the page really looked like a book. I don't know if it had a back light for reading in bed but that would be perfect.

I can't really see myself making the move as I do love a book in my hands. That and the fact that most of the books I would want to read are $10 each-I should never have the ability to read a book instantly at my disposal. I could be very dangerous!