Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 13th, 14th & 15th 1910

Sunday March 13, 1910

Dave up and I went to S.S. & up to dinner. K to Auburn. It was a bad rainy day got colder and windy after 9:30 & snowed. 

W. Bad. Colder
R. 11

I think S.S. means Sunday School as he mentions Sunday School a few Sundays back. I tried to research which church used to hold Adult Sunday school and there were many. It's a Christian church obviously (not that I had many doubts, being a German man living in 1910 but you never know.)

Monday March 14, 1910

Clara, Bess & I went to see the Lotus Fr-------at High School. It was very good. A lady ahead of Bess left a       took amb in the top of her hair and everybody laughing.

W. Stormy & snow
R. 11

What?? What does this mean? I sure would like to know what the heck the lady had in her hair to make everyone laugh.

Tuesday March 15, 1910

Rode my wheel in the snow to get to work on time. Perce Smith was cut from 6 to 4 and told the boss that he would quit Sat.  Bess over home all morning and supper with a sick head ache. 

W. Fine. Cold
R. 9

My guess is that Bess doesn't have a sick headache, she's sick of hanging out over at her in-laws house all day. 

I'm starting to wonder about the "wheel"? Can you really ride one of those big wheel bikes in the snow successfully? (even if you are trying to make it to work on time?) I don't doubt that it is a bike.

All I can say is he better start getting to work on time or else he's going to suffer the same fate as Perce Smith and get cut to the 4 shift. I would hate to have that happen to him.

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