Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28 & 29th 1910

March 28, 1910

Monarch Bowling Tournament 
50 Bowlers. I rolled 113-130-112. Ma Much better. 

W. Fine
R. 11:30

Seriously, bowling now??? I just about laughed out loud. ANOTHER outside activity.  He's a fair bowler though!

March 29, 1910

After supper Bess and I sat on the Front Porch & then went down to Cora's for a while. Ma better. Mrs W up all day. 

W. Fine Warm
R. 11:30

Cora is his other sister. I learned that on the 1900 census. By this time she is obviously married and living away from home.


Krista said...

I feel like such a slacker reading about his life. I can barely manage to get dinner done some days, and he is building furniture, playing sports, sitting on the porch and visiting people. Sheesh!

Christine said...

Seriously! Granted I imagine he doesn't have to make dinner, do laundry or clean the house so that frees up some time. But he does have a factory job that he goes to. I can't believe he's not tired. Although he is only 26.... That may account for some of it!