Thursday, March 18, 2010

In The Garden Again

I can't get enough of this nice weather.  I promise I won't post garden pictures every day (there really isn't that much even growing at this point.  Though I still have an abundance of leeks.) It just feels so GOOD to be out there in the dirt again.

 I removed these strawberry plants from the garden to free up space. There are still 3 in there that I don't know what to do with. Last year the squirrels ate EVERY SINGLE BERRY that was growing. I tried barricading them but after winning the war with the deer,  (and how funny if you click that link you will see that I wrote that post exactly one year ago today! ) I had very little energy left to fight any more vermin as the squirrels can easily slip under the deer fence. I don't even know why I put them in this planter because I have no real plan to protect it currently. By the way, I made this Hypertufa planter about 6 years ago and I leave it out all winter all the time. It looks like real stone and weathers the storms quite well.

We found this gorgeous little nest upside down in the yard. Look how perfect it is. 

My girl took over the nest and it is now up in the tree house part of her swing set with the rest of her outdoor treasures.  (Please excuse the face paint, it was circus day at pre-school today.)
She was actually a big help today. I raked and she picked up leaves and put them in buckets and then emptied them in the woods. She's getting garden tools in her Easter Basket this year. 

Incidentally, she asked me yesterday if the Easter Bunny was real or if it was me. (Now garden tools MAY be a dead giveaway, I know) But isn't it way to early to question this??? Isn't it? I don't know why I'm so bothered by this, I didn't want to do Santa or the Easter Bunny to begin with. Now I'm all in it and I don't want to leave it behind just yet.  
She hasn't even MET the darn tooth fairy....


Meredith said...

I have been thinking about trying to make those pots - I watched a video on youtube and it doesn't seem to difficult. I can leave them out all year?

Christine said...

It was not difficult when you got the hang of actually forming the pot shape. I actually took a class from a woman in Penfield but it was easy.

And yes, you can leave it out all year and nothing at all happens to it.

Here is a link to her site with the actual recipe: