Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ear Infections, Holistic Remedies and Wegmans

Friday evening my girl complained that her ear hurt so we gave her some Children's Tylenol and I told her that we would need to call her Dr in the morning.  At 11 pm she woke up crying hysterically that it really hurt and we held her for the next hour while she cried until she finally exhausted herself and fell back to sleep.

Current sick bay in our house includes a full size tent and 
that creepy guy from Yo Gabba Gabba. 

Upon visiting the Dr this morning, he determined that she has infections in both ears.  I mentioned to him that I wasn't sure last night if I could have given her more Tylenol before the 4 hrs was up. He told me no, I should not do that, BUT, a good trick is to warm a little olive oil up and put a few drops in the ear and it stops the pain almost immediately. I love that guy! Olive oil. Doesn't this sound like a trick from the old country? I half expected him to tell me to rub her ear with a garlic clove too.  Her Dr, is not at all like someone from "The Old Country" and in truth, is probably not much older than I am. But this is a hint I can use. My girl is an ear infection kid so I'm sure this will come up again.

I also noticed that the Dr's office was offering H1N1 vaccines to parents or grandparents of their patients. I did not get one but I did note that this was in stark contrast to the hysterical flu clinics that were happening around town where people were on the news paralyzed with fear that they might not be able to get one.  This is not really germain to the story but I thought it was an interesting aside.

On to Wegmans where I went to fill the prescription. What a nice surprise when it rung up FREE. Yes, free. Like don't even need to see my insurance card, no co-pay, just give me the medication and the little plastic spoon and send me on my way free. They did this for a month last year but apparently now they offer it all the time. I think this is such a generous thing.What business gives products away? Just another reason why Wegmans rocks.

I felt like everyone was helping to make my girl feel better today.

Tonight she's much better & I think the tent did as much to make her feel better as the antibiotics!


SweetMissMagnolia said...

yes I've seen that advertised at different places-so much of antibiotics for free...that is fabulous!LOL my little one likes yo gabba gabba too sometimes (that guy is creepy LOL) the tent in the living room-what fuN!!! I've heard the olive oil tip for ear pain but never tried it.....

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

I hope she is better soon!
When Nick and Ben had ear infections and strep--FREE antibiotics as well!
I also love that my BP medicine is $3 or $4 a month there.

I do the EVOO in the ear, too. I did ONCE try the garlic I read about...and my ear smelled like a pasta dish and the dog kept trying to lick my ear. Yuck!

Unknown said...

LOL - Karley that is very funny story!

I LOVE our Ped Dr. (same as yours) he even gave us a few tips when on what to see in Disney when we had to go in for an ear infection 4 days before flying to Florida. We were fortunate to get free Meds last month but when the ear infection showed up the next month in the other year no freebies, try $61! (that is without insurance though)

Love the tent idea glad she's feeling better.

Christine said...

Karley-I just made the garlic up in my head. I didn't know that was an ACTUAL remedy. But I looked it up after reading this and there are all kinds of things about garlic in your ears for infections. I can always count on you for having tried all kinds of natural remedies!

Kristin-Yikes $61! That makes the free antibiotics sound even better!

Meredith said...

Hope she is feeling better soon!
And Wegmans does rock - so much better than Tops.