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Tuesday March 1, 1910

Ma sat up some. Clara, Bess & Kathy went to  "Beverly of Graustark". We (Monarch) beat Nettle 22 to 7. I stopped to Valentines & Hipprodrum. Met the girls on the       St. 

W. Foggy & Warm
R. 12

P.S. Kathy stayed with Clara

Oh so much information in this one!

Beverly of Graustark 

Beverly of Graustark is a novel written by  George Barr McCutcheon and published in 1904. In it,
Beverly Calhoun impersonates the Prince of Graustark to claim his birthright while he recovers from a skiing injury. In the meantime, she falls for her bodyguard Dantan.

Advertisements from Publisher's Weekly, 1904.

By phone, by wire, by mail...from all over the county orders are coming in for BEVERLY OF GRAUSTARK. The new novel by George Barr McCutcheon. Author of "Graustark," "Castle Craneycrow." Etc. THE BEST SELLING BOOK IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY

The Mail and Express, in a long review of this book, makes the statement, "that of all the current stories by favorites of the 'best-selling novel' period, this is by far the best and most entertaining;" that the book is eminently readable,and that it is superior to Graustark. This is also the judgement of many others. Early orders indicate that this book is to be one of the great successes of the year. We are advertising this book 'for sale everywhere"

This is the book everybody is talking about. For sale everywhere.

But sufficient to illustrate how this book is being brought to public notice. Advertising mediums in every city of any importance are being used regularly. The demand for "Beverly" continues unabated. The orders average from to 3000 copies a day. The total for a day has gone as high as 5000. The reason is plain. Given a strong, virile story by one of our most noted authors, warmly commended by the
press, perfect in mechanical execution; and strong and wide publicity. Result: Nine Large Editions in less than three months-the demand constantly exceeding the supply, and "Bevely of Graustark" THE BEST-SELLING BOOK IN THE UNITED STATES.

It was made into a movie in 1926. Clearly that is not what they went to. In my research it was also mentioned that this was made into a not-very-popular play in 1905. I'm guessing that is where the girls went.

You can read the book online HERE!!! (Guess what I'm doing tonight when after I publish this!) How exciting!!!


Even though I know very little about basketball, I'm continually flummoxed by these scores. 7? Have you ever heard of a basketball team that scored 7?   I've been imagining that the rules of basketball must have changed greatly from then until now to allow for the difference in scores. A little research shows that I'm right, they HAVE changed a lot. However, I'm unable to tell you how the changes resulted in higher scores. Let us just imagine I'm right and move on, shall we? (And admire the vintage basketball while we are at it!)


I love how his P.S. is about  Kathy staying with Clara. Perhaps he's getting fed up with her sleeping on the settee and wants some alone time with his bride of 5 months. I think this is the first PS. He must have had to put it in there because it's so rare!!!


Boy, there is so much info in this one I almost ignored the fact that Ma sat up... SAT UP! My goodness, she is sicker than I imagined if she could not even sit up before today. She has been sick for over a week now.

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