Monday, July 9, 2007

Paint Something!!!!

When we moved into our house I fell in love with the wonderful molding and architectural details that give it it's character.

This shelf in my living room is one of my favorites. The curve of the top matches the door frames in the living room and the bottom molding gives it exactly what it needs to really make a statement. I proceeded to fill it up with pictures and library books. One of my favorite nooks had turned into a bland bookshelf.

Enter 1 quart of Robins Egg Blue Paint. Was I even allowed to paint a shelf that color??? Deanna assured me that I was. Jeannine came over and moved things around a bit for more interest.

The painting took one afternoon (2 coats that took maybe 30 min each and time to dry in between) and cost $10 for the quart, of which I have a bunch leftover to use elsewhere!


Frugal Mama said...

WOW! Love the color. It sure makes that niche POP!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Love your blog! This "book nook" looks GREAT! Love the color!! The blue and the white pieces arranged on the shelves looks very shabby chic -- it's a whole new look for very little effort and money!

Christine said...

Thank you!! If you like it, then I know it looks good-You're the decorator, not me!!!