Monday, July 16, 2007

Try Line Drying

Since I posted yesterday about my failed attempt saving money and energy hand washing my dishes, I figured I should balance it out with something I know to be cost effective and good for the planet! Line drying.

I just recently installed this outdoor clothesline between the garage and a big tree in the backyard. It cost $14.99 at Home Depot and took less than 10 minutes to hang with a power drill/screwdriver.

I think the clothes look beautiful drying outside by the flower garden. My husband thinks it looks "A little too Brooklyn," whatever that means. (His Grandma's Brooklyn I would imagine) Having never actually been to Brooklyn I can't know for sure, but if people in Brooklyn are aiming to save money, resources, and experience the thrill of fresh line dried clothes, then I'm all for "Looking a little too Brooklyn"

Also, for me, there is something tactile about hanging the clothes that I don't get when I use the dryer. I feel calm. I feel like I'm living the peaceful life I want to have. I feel like I'm saving the earth. I feel happy that my daughter will know the feel of fresh line dried clothing. I feel all smug and homespuny.... My Laura Ingalls dreams, a reality.

This picture looks exactly like what I pictured my life to look like. And believe it or not, when I took it I could hear birds singing!
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Stephanie Griffith said...

Hi Christine, I love your blog! Your picture of your clothesline is beautiful.


Christine said...

Thanks so much Stella!!!

Unknown said...

I am a Texas transplant living in Brooklyn. It's true we line dry! Saves money and a trip to laundry mat - and not only do the locals do it, more and more young transplants are doing it too. completely agree with tranquil feeling -

Christine said...

That's funny Angela!!!