Saturday, July 7, 2007

Homemade Countertop Spray

I Love Method brand products, the countertop spray, in particular. It's $3 a pop and I go through it every 3 weeks. This equates to $52 a year on countertop spray! I used to always make my own but got away from it when I was sucked into the sleek Method bottle with wonderful grapefruit smell. So I've revisited this practice and now have a lovely lavender scented spray at much less cost.

The recipe is simple:

-2Tbsp Castile soap-I like Dr. Bronners. I used the Lavender scented. $.047 (I bought it at my local Wegmans in the Organic section)
-2Tbsp White Vinegar $.05
-2tsp Borax Powder $.02 (In the laundry section)
You can also use a few drops of essential oil if you have some. If you use the scented castile soap there is no need to do so.

Place vinegar and Borax powder in container. Fill with very warm water. Pour in liquid castile soap and shake gently to mix. (I also use one drop of yellow food coloring to be able to discern this from the bottle of water my little girlie uses to spray water with outside.)

Some might argue that making your own countertop spray is NOT simple. I beg to differ. In fact, it's probably more simple than having to remember to buy it every 3 weeks. Creating 17 plastic bottles for the landfill or recycling center over the course of a year is also not simple in terms of environmental costs. My spray is environmentally safe, cost $10.18 to for enough supplies to last a year and takes less than a minute to make!
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vlk40 said...

I agree 100% with this- you can save money and help the environment with homemade cleaners. It's also nice to know that you are safe when using them. Thanks, I enjoyed this post!