Thursday, July 26, 2007

Read Books Via Email!

If you think you're too busy to read you may want to try DAILYLIT You can have an email sent to you every day that contains a small installment of a book-Some are classics some are not. My first inclination was to re-visit Wuthering Heights for about the 10th time but I decided against it. I'm currently receiving The Secret Garden by installment as I somehow missed it when I was younger. Each installment takes about 5 minutes to read. Also, you can can schedule what time your installment is delivered to accommodate your need for an after lunch pick-me-up before returning to work or an early morning read to fuel your mind for the day. Best part-It's all free!

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Lynn said...

Thank you,Christine, I love Dailylit a lot,to me, it is not only an "entertainment"!
thanks for sharing :)
May god bless you~