Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday Evening at the Farmers Market

I am lucky enough to live, literally, 2 minutes from our town's local Farmers Market. June-Sept from 4:30-8pm on Thursdays, the town hall hosts about 30 vendors who range from local growers, a local gluten free gourmet, gourmet pasta seller, plant and flower vendors, regular bakers, a local restaurant that runs a concession stand, and crafters. It's a small affair, really, compared with the one downtown ever weekend. There you can visit literally hundreds of vendors and see THOUSANDS of people. No so with my little, peaceful Thursday Night Market excursions.

I can't stress enough how much I think people should attend these and support your local growers. The food is reasonable. You know where you food is coming from. Its Fresh. You can find growers who use farming you approve of. It's Fresh. Your food isn't traveling from California, or even China. Also, did I mention, it's fresh.

I have to admit, my local Wegmans does do a darn good job of featuring food from local growers. However, this way, when I spend $3 on a quart of blueberries, I know that the farmers gets to keep the whole $3.

Its also a heck of a lot of fun. You get to meet the people who GROW YOUR FOOD, which I think is really a hoot. (So does my daughter who loves to "SEE FARMERS" though, unfortunately none of them really look like the farmers in her "Little People" Video) You get to see your community out and about. It's something to do. It's fresh air. It's free! I take only $20 a week with me and see how much I can get. (Today's bounty was only $13 and that includes the $3.50 I spent on gourmet pasta) That's pretty cheap entertainment when you consider I get to eat or enjoy everything I bring home and that I would have to buy something at the grocery store anyway!
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