Monday, July 30, 2007

Beautiful Frugal Presents

Apparently I am not the only one in my family who has developed a trash picking habit! My brother saw two vintage yellow desks on the side of the road. They have cast iron legs and pencil trays on top and a hole for an inkwell. He immediately thought of me as I live in a 1930's era home, love history, and am married to a history teacher. The other desk was in worse shape than this one on the right. The seat was not even attached properly. (Of course I didn't know this until tonight)

Tonight when I arrived at my parents home, he gave me the yellow desk as a birthday present. My dad proceeded to tell us both how ugly it is and how my brother really needed to do something about it. (I thought my dad was being exceedingly rude!!!)

My brother thought for a minute and then pulled out this beauty for me! You can't possibly tell how beautiful this desk is unless you are right next to it. It's sanded and stained beautifully. It's practically shiny! It's stable to sit on. It's all in one piece! It matches my dining room. It even smells nice! My heart ached when I saw it because I couldn't believe that someone would spend that much time and effort on such a beautiful gift for me.

And he knows me! There is a circle of ink on the inside of the desk under the opening of the ink well that was stained with ink. He left it for me because of it's tie to the others who have used this desk before me. How cool is my brother?

And I'm getting another one! (Desk, not brother)

After 3 weeks of restoring this desk for me I think he may be sorry that he actually picked up both desks, but I told him I would take the other one for Christmas this year!

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