Sunday, July 29, 2007

Roadside Finds

Yesterday as we were taking a walk, I came across these great items that someone was throwing out! (not the plant). It's really quite amusing as I recently told my husband I wanted a white plant stand from Wegmans and I have been wanting a graniteware pitcher for some time. (I guess the universe threw in the chamber pot as a bonus?!?!?)

Yes, it's true. I can't pass a pile of garbage without taking a discreet look inside. Most often it's just garbage. But sometimes you hit pay dirt! My best finds to date have been:

-The sideboard that I made my husband carry home from my mother's neighbor's house. He is really uncomfortable with taking other people's garbage so this was a real test of wills. I sanded it down and painted it red and use it in my dining room!

-A big pale yellow armoire that stands in the corner of my living room and holds games.

-4 vintage windows that I never did anything with but passed onto someone who would.

-A red Radio Flyer wagon that sits in the garden.

-A wicker plant stand

-Various planters and a birdhouse

Recycling at it's finest! Bearing in mind my own love of other's garbage, when I have something to get rid of I put it out well before trash day with a free sign on it. More often than not, it's gone before the garbage men get here. Whoever said one mans trash is another mans treasure was right! And what did I do with my new finds? The plant stand is on the porch and the graniteware is on top of my trash picked armoire in the living room!
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Susannah said...

Isn't it funny how things we've been wanting do just turn up? We needed a cooler, and on bulk trash day found a very nice one just waiting for us to pick it up. I also needed some pots to start container gardening. Those, also, were available.

Good finds on your stuff!

Christine said...

It happens so often for my husband and I that we laugh when yet something else finds its way to us!