Monday, July 9, 2007

Magazines on eBay!

If you know me you know I love eBay-buying and selling. Up until now I never thought to buy magazine subscriptions there.

I love Country Living magazine and have been coveting my own subscription lately. The other night, at Jeannine's I took a subscription card out of her Country Living Magazine. $24.99! Ouch! Ok it was 50% off the cover price but still, since I usually get them from the library it seemed excessive.

I looked at the Country Living website (which has a very nice gallery of homes by the way) and their special price was $12 which is 75% off. I almost stopped there. I mean $1 an issue is pretty good, considering the newsstand price is $3.99.

Something told me to look at eBay and behold, I found a one year subscription from a magazine publishing company's eBay store and it was $8 a year, 84% off!!! Yes. for the cost of 2 issues I could have it delivered to my home and actually get to keep the magazines rather than have to remember to take them back to the library!

Country Home, which is currently selling on their own website for $21.97 for 2 years can be had on eBay for $6.95 for 3 Years!

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