Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Colonial Birthday Wishes!

We live about 35 minutes from one of my favorite places, The Genesee Country Museum, A living history museum which features a 19th-century country village. As you stroll among the 68 restored and fully furnished buildings, you see how a log cabin settlement grew into a bustling community of stores, shops, schools, churches and fine houses. Everyone is dressed in period clothing. There is an art gallery and at different times during the year, an old fashioned country fair, baseball game, civil war reenactments. It's one of the largest museums of it's kind in the country. It's amazing really and a visit encompasses your whole day.

This year for my birthday my husband gave me the gift of 2 classes there! The first is "The Kitchen Experience"

Kitchen Experience

Spend time with one of our cooks and learn about 19th-century ingredients and equipment, methods of cooking and preserving, receipts (recipes) and much more! We will costume you in period clothing.

Now THAT is really cool. The second is one of my own choosing. I'm thinking of

Herbal Sampler

Make and take home a variety of herbal products – a medicinal herb salve, herbed cheese, body powder, spicy sweet bag and sleep pillow.


Create the Perfect Holiday Table

If you’re searching for a fresh approach to your holiday table, take inspiration from the Livingston-Backus kitchen for delicious details of meal preparation and artful home decorating ideas. Partake in a sumptuous buffet of the prepared dishes, and take home a special recipe book that will ease you into holiday preparation

This is a great clutter free birthday gift!

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