Thursday, December 2, 2010

November 9-17, 1910

Nov 9, 1910

Lynn C Smith buried at Oakmont at 2:30. Left 15 million. Gertie and Mr. Prosser up to the house at night. 

Nov 10, 1910

Started to build a coal bin. B & I met Kathy on the 8:30 car. 

W. warm by windy
R. 11

Nov 11, 1910

After supper B & I looked over the negatives & I worked on the coal bin. 

W. Colder, Windy
R. 10:30 

November 12, 1910

After supper I started to the gym and played BB. Colgate beat Syr 11 to 5. Bess stayed home alone. 

W. Sloppy & Snow
R. 11

November 13, 1910

I went to church with Bess & Kathy & we three came up to SS. It snowed & it was very wet. We three over home to dinner & Mrs & Mrs W came up & Miss Wallace & Ma & the rest over to our house to supper. 

W. snowy
R. 11

November 14, 1910

After supper I cleaned the cellar. 

W. Snow
R. 11:15

November 15, 1910

Factory league opened. Smith Bros beat Monarch out in a tie game. 5 to 3. I got the three points. Monarch team......

W. snow
R. 12:30 

November 16, 1910

Bess had a bad cold and I printed pictures. Mrs            called up Bess & wanted her to teach at her school. 

Well this is interesting... 

November 17, 1910

Carrol Sanger & Gerry Drew up to supper. 

Fine moon light night. 

Then he writes something I can completely not read. I my apologies for the lack of research/commentary. Like Bess, I have a head cold and a headache and I'm off to bed! Adam must be as tired as I am this week, he's dropped the weather off of a lot of his entries.

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