Thursday, December 30, 2010

And That's All He Wrote. December 29 & 30, 1910

December 29, 1910

After supper B & I went over home. Ma home alone.

W. Rain
R. 11

December 30, 1910 (I hope you all know it pains me to write this.....)

Over home to supper. Intended going to sleigh ride to Sams uncle Jim but postponed till Monday. (It's friday BTW) Bess met me downtown. It rained last night & turned to snow & blizzard & very cold.

W. Very Cold
R. 10

Just normal stuff except for the sleigh ride bit. I wish I lived when in a time when it was still the norm to take a sleigh ride. Or at least, I wish it was still the norm in my current time period to take a sleigh ride. (And in the circles I hang in lateley, it kind of is ;-)

Without the internet none of this year's project would have been possible and I'd be reading this to myelf, not to mention, the easy access to information about 1910 that I've been able to come up with. However, it's really striking to me how much they actually DO without the phone, tv and internet to distract them. He's building things, joining clubs, playing a lot of sports, taking leadership classes, heads up his bible stude group and spends time with a lot of people.  His factory job seems to provide well for him and not once has he ever complained about money. My observation is that he lives a pretty full life.

Remember that mean boss he had? That was about the worst of it. And even he got fired after a while.

Things I wish I knew about Adam
What he and Bess looked like.
More about his job at the factory.
What he was like-Was he funny? Smart? A big softie or a pain in the butt (I don't imagine this is true of course)
I'd like more about his passions, fears, loves, etc
I wish he would have said "Bess made a fine pot roast tonight" I would have loved more about their food.
What is he struggling with right now?

It's just not enough for me.

There IS actually a little bit on the next page:

Clara   $10.
Ray     25.
Howard 200

What does this mean? Do these people owe him money? Who is Howard and why is the # so high...In fact, even Ray's $25  seems high. Remember when Bess won $22 in a raffle and I figured out it was like $252 today. Does he owe these people money???? I sure hope not.....

And then address listings for (and you'll probably recognize some of these!) :

P Paul Pearse
'Kate Surman
'Gertie Filsinger
'Ed Srits
'Kathy Witham
'Dave Gillette
'C.W. Babcock
'Florence H-------
'Etta Brom
Pierce Smich
Florence McDonald
Bessie Burke
Ida Bell
Irving Hill
'Ray & 'Oscar
RE Boschert

Notice that some of these have a ' next to them. He's used a check mark in the diary. What do those marks mean? What distinction is he making???

Also, Gertie's address also includes a hospital address as well. Remember when Gertie almost died? Well she marries in a few years so don't feel too badly.

I do know more about Adam and Bess but I'll share it in a day or two. I don't want this to be my last post about them really.

I hate endings. I'm very bad with them.

I think I'm going to pine over Bess and Adam awhile.


Prairie Rose said...

Christmas card list? Thank you card list?

Maybe the numbers are what those people owe him, rather than he what he owes them. :)

Christine said...

I know prairie! I was thinking that it was a Christmas card list as well!

And I'm just going to go with thinking that THEY owe Adam and not the other way around.