Saturday, December 4, 2010

November 18-20, 1910

November 18, 1910

Over home to supper & Bess up home & B & K went to YWCA and I down to amusement & YMCA & Bill duxxxxxxx & I went out & over to the Hippodrome. Kathy home with Bess, 

W. Fine
R. 11

And what is a Hippodrome?

I'm glad you asked. 

A hippodrome is a large enclosed facility designed for equestrian events, although hippodromes have also been used historically to host other types of athletic events. Numerous examples of ancient hippodromes can be found scattered around the Mediterranean, reflecting the Greek and Roman enthusiasm for equestrian sport, and a number of modern facilities are also known as hippodromes.

Nov 19, 1910

Went downtown to amusement parlor & gym & played BB.  Bess up home and I met her at 10:45

W. Fine
R. 12

Nov 20, 1910\

Arose at 9:30. Bess not feeling good. & we stayed home all day. Julius Mott & his wife came over home & they all came over to Dev & my house. 

W. Fine, Bright, a lot colder. 
R. 9
B & I looked over her kindergarten books. 

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