Monday, December 27, 2010

December 26 & 27, 1910

December 26, 1910

Factory closed. After breakfast I put in a window light and worked down cellar. The Witham's came over & Clara & Oscar over. Art & I skated ove the p----------. Ma in bed with a bad cold.

W. Fine.
R. 10:30

December 27, 1910

Hung my lamps in the living room. B & I over home awhile. Ma feeling better.

W. warmer.
R. 11:30

Don't worry all, Ma lives much longer. She's in no danger. I wonder if Adam is worried about he, if that is why he mentions it. She has been sick a lot this year.

It's almost over. Adam only writes until the 30th actually, which I think is funny because he hasn't missed a single day. I think this lends more evidence to my theory that he writes a few days at a time when he gets the chance.

And are there more diaries? This one starts in Feb so it's my assumption that it's the first. But that could be completely off track. He did write faithfully this year so I wonder if it's enough of a habit that he wants to keep doing it. I sure would love to see a whole collection!

I've had the opportunity to see a few diaries at the museum that looked like they would make compelling projects,(one is 4 years worth of writing!)  though I don't know that I have the time to devote to those. It would also be on the museum blog so I would have a lot less of my own opinions in there (and perhaps that's a good thing ;-) but my own conjecture has been fun, at least to me.

I also don't know if I could bond with someone other than Adam and Bess. Are Adam and Bess compelling or is it the examination of another ordinary life? I tend to think it's the latter.

At any rate, I will miss them next year.


Meredith said...

I am going to miss hearing about Bess and Adam. It was like checking in with the past, and although I enjoyed the mentions of interesting happenings, I think I will miss the day to day living report part the most. When I am looking for family history info, that is always the best find for me - to see how they lived.
I may have asked before, but have you been able to locate any living relatives? Maybe there are more diaries!

Christine said...

Meredith, since I need to hang on to Adam for as long as possible I'll write the last post of his diary and then write another post about what else I know about him! Stay tuned!

I know, I love the idea of hearing about their daily life. And the funny thing is that since I was so focused on 1910 this year, I actually saw a lot of things pertaining to 1910 in the world. I would have liked to have featured more 1910 fashions because I've looked and always imagine them in the clothes but alas, I never got around to it.