Monday, December 13, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Bess and Adam are across the room and I'm sitting next to a roraing fire and I don't want to get up. So lets talk technical difficulties.

I've been having a lot of technical difficulties. I used  to have this boss at my old job who couldn't wear a watch. Something about his body chemistry messed up the watch and it was always wrong. No matter what watch he wore.

I feel like I'm having that impact on things around me. My laptop randomly died, (I'm on my husband's), the other day my seat belt broke, I mean it just won't stay buckled,(don't worry, it's getting fixed) and I think something is wrong with my beloved front loading washing machine. And I washed my cell phone. It was an old phone. A pink Razor phone. The kids in Pre-school last year had one in the play house as a toy.

So I called Verizion and got a new phone.  A Palm Pixi. For this I needed to upgrade to the more expensive data package. Ok fine, it looks pretty slick I'm thinking and who the heck doesn't need to check their emails a gagillion times a day? Right?

And "oh", twittered the chirpy customer service rep, "You can look at Facebook from anywhere. It's a 3G device!"  Why I don't mention to her or even remember that I think people who have to check Facebook from their phones all the time are complete tools I don't rightly know. (Don't worry all you Facebook peeps, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about other tools.)

So this slick little phone comes and it's a complete b*tch to set up. And I have to call customer service and it's just a huge PITA.
Then the sound quality on this thing BITES. I mean really. I'm either asking someone to repeat themselves or they are asking me what I just said. It's very frustrating... Very...I don't feel like shouting to have a conversation. That completely throws me, what with my noise issues and all....

And then a few days ago the touch screen developed these cracks. Just DEVELOPED them. I did not drop it or bang it on anything. And when I try and use the damn thing the cracks spread. And now I can't use it at all... So now I still have no phone again.... And now I've used up the "free" phone from Verizion. (And now I know why it was free.)

And through this entire thing I've asked myself how this phone contributes to my version of A Good Life. You know what-It doesn't...Not at all. I've wasted much time setting this thing up, looking at the useless apps (Palm has way less than Apple) and no matter how special I seem to think I am, I don't need to be reachable by email, phone, or text message all the time. Who do I think I am anyway?

The phone beeps when you get any form of message-text, email, etc.. and I found myself  wasting minutes I will never get back, looking at email from, say, TALBOTS.... In front of a compuer I can just delete those. On this Palm, you need to open them before you can delete them.

Wasted minutes. That. I. Will. Never. Get. Back. Do you ever think about that? All the time you spend doing something completely meaningless that adds nothing to your life?  I do, and it pisses me off. I'm not saying I'm walking around having "big moments" all day long but certainly reading emails from stores trying to sell me something while I'm puttering around my kitchen ranks low on how I want to use my breaths on this earth. And even the emails I did want/need were not so urgent that I would need to get them at my parents house, in the store or in the car.

So tomorrow I'm going to go to the Verizion store and demand  request a new phone. Clearly the one they gave me is a piece of crap. And it's going to be a normal phone. That I can hear well on. And speak into. And I'm not texting and I'm not looking at the internet and I don't want an alarm to sound every time Talbots wants to sell me something with Free shipping. And I want that expensive data package taken off. I just want to be able to be reached if say, my house is on fire or my daughter is sick or I need to speak with Jeannine on my way home from work.Technology is great when you need it/use it, but when you don't it's just extra clutter and as much trouble as plastic toys from china when you have more than you need.


Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Oh no! What a hard time of it you've had lately. Go to my blog and make the eggnog (make sure it's spiked) recipe--that will make everything right again :)

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

How funny - I have this exact same phone (through AT&T), have had it for months and totally love it! The only issue I have is the speaker volume is not loud enough, but I really just need to go get a Bluetooth for it, and that will take care of that! I love that I can quickly see home e-mail at work, without having to log in on my work computer. Also, I can sit on my couch upstairs and hang out with my husband and still be able to get e-mails (we don't have a laptop and our computer is downstairs) -- this was all invaluable to me during the preschool holiday party planning -- I could respond to my committee's e-mails and still be with my family. I love being able to Google something from my phone if I need to, or check my banking, you name it. But, you have a laptop, so you don't have the same needs. Weird about the cracks -- I think that is a case of the "techno repellent force field" that is surrounding you... You know you don't have luck even with regular home phones...

Christine said...

Maybe I'll use it for coffee creamer tomorrow.....

It looks amazing! I've been looking for Pittsford Farms at Wegmans lately but they don't have it. I asked Will if he could pick some up this week because it's getting to an emerrgency situation regarding eggnog around here. However, I have all of that on hand so perhaps I'll make my own.

I even have some whole nutmeg from the museum to use! Heck, I want to make some right now!

Christine said...

I know Deanna, why I though a more sophisticated device would work at all with me touching it, I really don't know.

Can you hear on yours or am I just deaf??? I agree about the sound of the speaker although I found the thing very hard to dial with the touch screen anyway so it's not like I could even use it while driving.