Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas with Adam & Bess

December 23, 1910

Bess did up Christmas presents and I printed pictures. Clara Merle here on her way home. Oscar & Clara over after supper.

W. Wamer, Rain & very windy

December 24, 1910

After supper Bess & I  & the Pratts & Dave          went over home for the Christmas tree. They all gave me a smoking coat & we came home at 10 and put up out stockings.

W. fine
R. 11:30

So it seems that Bess & Adan don't have a Christmas tree. I recently learned that Christmas lights did not come into wide use until the 1930s when they became affordable for the general public. I wonder if Adam and Bess saw candles on the Christmas tree this night.

A few weeks ago I attended the Yuletide in The Country event at the museum. The very last house had in it, a Christmas tree lit by candles. Since I read about a tree lit like this  as a little girl, I've always wanted to see this. It was so so beautiful that I got tears in my eyes. For some awesome pics (not mine) of this event you can click here. The last batch of photos include the tree. The candle chandelier in the Brooks Grove Church was also pretty impressive.

December 25, 1910

Bess & I came down at 8 a.m. & started a fire in the fireplace & looked at our presents. We both gave small gifts. To Bess's church and up home to dinner. K came home with us.

W. fine
R: 11:30

Oh I can just picture this cosy little morning, can't you?!?!  I wonder if they had coffee? I wonder if they are coffee drinkers. This scene seems perfect to me if it includes coffee... What a sweet Christmas.

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