Monday, January 3, 2011

Lily Of The Nile, A Novel By My Dear Friend Stephanie Dray

Tomorrow is the official release of my dear friend Stephaie Dray's historical novel about the children of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

Lily of The Nile is the first in a trilogy of books about Cleopatra's daughter, Cleopatra Selene, the Queen of Mauretania. Stephanie uses the transformative power of magic realism to illuminate the stories of women in history and inspire the young women of today. She remains fascinated by all things Egyptian and has—to the consternation of her devoted husband—collected a house full of cats and ancient artifacts.

She's also brilliant. She's a Smith Graduate and  has a law degree from Northwestern. She's wise and funny and I've been reading her writing and relying on her counsel (not the legal kind) since I met her in the 11th grade!

She's also the sponsor of The Cleopatra Literary Contest for Young Women.

You can read an excert from Lily Of The Nile at her website and purchase it from Barnes & or  It will also be in bookstores tomorrow, Janurary 4th.

Local friends, Saturday February 12th Steph will be doing a presentation titled "Love In The Ancient World" at the Greece Barnes & Noble & then signing books. That evening, I'll be hosting a private wine and cheese party/book signing at my home and Steph will be giving her talk, entitled "Bad Girls of The Ancient World" everyone is welcome and it sure to be an awesome evening! Come and meet Stephanie and spend an evening with us!


Raven said...

Oh how I wish I was a local, since I would sooo be there for the whole day. I LOVE egypt too & have added the book to my wishlist to get soon. It sounds wonderful. And a trilogy is great, as it means more to come. I'm so glad I've met a fellow history lover!

Christine said...

Yes! We love the 19th century and ancient egypt around here!!!

Stephanie is really a phenomenal writer and thought of a triology is thrilling!!!

And we are sure to have a wonderful day on the 12th!! Wish you were here!