Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 4-6, 1910 Bess & Kathy Throw A Party

Wednesday May 4, 1910

Kathy up and got things ready for the house & I worked in the yard. 

Thursday May 5, 1910

Worked in the back yard and helped decorate the house for the Kimono shower.

Friday May 6, 1910

Went to gym and B & K gave Una a Kimono shower. The house was decorated like Japan & all of the girls wore kimonos. 

W. Fair
R. 12:30

It was a pretty party.

Holy Cow. HOLY COW!!!  Oh I bet it was a pretty party. Can't you just see all of those turn of the century beauties all decked out in kimonos with paper fans and lanterns. I bet there was punch.  Did you notice that Clara was invited to the shower as well?? It also confirms that Kathy is Kathy Witham, Bess's sister. 

Can I just ask you, is anyone else out there thinking that I should hire myself out to trace people's ancestors.... I swear, this is better than my own tree at this point. I do have a ton of people on mine but they are not yet so life-like. (and of course I don't have any of their diaries)

This is probably one of my favorite finds to date.  This was published in the Syracuse Register Post on May 7, 1910 in the society page.

I love how in the diary he talks about getting ready for the shower for the days proceeding.

This is seriously like a big delicious treat for me....


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

How cool! Yes, you would be great at tracing people's ancestors! When my mom was visiting a couple of weeks ago, her friend Bonnie stopped over and she was talking about her search for info on her family tree -- she's working on it with her uncle, but they are each doing it differently -- she is interested in stories and pictures about each person, he's just looking for dates -- birth, death... I like her way much better, and these blog posts on Adam remind me that!

Maybe his family will have a reunion sometime and invite you to be the guest speaker!! :)

SweetMissMagnolia said...

how's definately more fun to think about what these people were like because of the diary I think...and it's sooo exciting to be able to find tidbits that bring it all to life all the more....EEEEE!!!

Christine said...

That's funny Deanna-I think I would be the perfect speaker. And probably the only person they could find crushing on their 126 year old ancestor!!!

I have to say, while I like the story aspect, my more analytical side gets a real pleasure of adding a date in that I know is correct. It all kind of clicks together for me.

Unknown said...

My birth family was found by someone I had hired to research my family tree.
She lived in the area the families had lived and I was across the country. It was great and obviously LOL well worth the $$

Jeannine said...

I'm also thinking we should have a kimono party :)

Christine said...

I even have a kimono I could wear!! I wonder what we would eat?