Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 10th- 17th, 1910 The Comet,Una Cooper has more showers & The Crescent Theater

Oh my goodness! So much to catch up on with Bess and Adam! I promise never to go this long again! I wonder if a week's worth will be too much at once or will add to the continuity of the diary.

May 10th, 1910

Stayed Home and worked in the back yard.
W. Cool
R. 10

May 11, 1910

Went to Kitchen Shower for Una Cooper at Grace French's on Beech Street and we got the late car home.
W. Fine. Cold
R. 1:30

Hello! 1:30 am?? This is a Wednesday night. No wonder he's skipping work. I must say, I was surprised that he went to a wedding shower at this time in history. Did men do that a lot? I really don't believe they did. And Una is doing quite well in the shower department these past few weeks!

May 12, 1910

We got up at 2-2:30 & 3 am & we (B, K & I) saw the Halley's Comet in the east over the monument and the tail looked like a sky rocket running to the south. The tale was very long. It was something great. Late for work.
W. Fine

I bet he was late for work, he was up practically all night long! I'm  glad he finally saw it clearly. He rarely uses an adjective so his pronouncement that it was "something great" must really mean that it was!

In my reading about the comet it said:

The 1910 approach, which came into view around 20 April, was notable for several reasons: it was the first approach of which photographs exist, and the first for which spectroscopic data were obtained.[13] Furthermore, the comet made a relatively close approach of 0.15AU,[52] making it a spectacular sight.

May 13, 1910

Mr & Mrs Babcock up to supper & Mr Babcock came up to show Bob some of his lots. I built a fire in the fireplace and we ------ ---- ---- (no idea)
W. Colder
R. 11

 May 14, 1910

 Finished grading the back yard and & Uri, Ray, Dave & I went to the gym at  6pm and played handball til 8 & had a good swim. & Dave, Ray & I went to Crescent theater & I met Bess at Cooper's at 11:45.
W. Fine
R. 12

The Cooper's must live very close by. He met Bess there at 11:45 and retires 15 minutes later at 12. Look! a picture of the Crescent Theater! THRILLING!!!

May 15, 1910

Did not get up till 10. Babcock and his father up at 10:15. Over home to dinner. Cora and family up. We sat on the back over our house. Over home to supper. Bess did not feel well all day.
W. Fine
R. 10:30
Mr sent over new ----- prewashed it.

May 16, 1910

Bess went home at 7:30 am for shower for Una at Wrights on Harrison street. I had supper home and sowed the back lawn & made some picture frames. I have a bad cold in the head.
W. Fine
R. 11:15

No! Really? Another shower for Una! Do you think everyone is still having fun at these events or can they just not wait until Una finally marries. I'm at a count of 4 showers in 2 weeks now.

May 17, 1910

Stayed home and developed some picture. Bess said she did not want to go to Camden on Decoration day.
W. Fine, Windy
R. 11

Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day.

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