Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy Musings

Oh today was full of mommy stuff for me.

1) I feel like I reached some kind of mommy milestone when I was told in Wegman's today that I'm the "worst mommy ever."  Hmmm...That only took 5 years. How did I earn this moniker you ask?  I would not purchase cotton candy for my daughter and she's never had it before (both true.) Seriously, this child followed me around the store for like 15 minutes moaning, whining and crying constantly. I have a very low tolerance for this type of badgering so personally I felt like it was a really good example of how I am a very good mommy that I didn't just leave her in the bulk section of Wegaman's and go get a Starbucks. A very good mommy indeed.

2) I wish someone would tell the people behind me at the trial Karate class that my daughter attended today that girls can, indeed, attend Karate. (I would have told them myself but I didn't think I could pull it off without a death look) The little girl kept pointing and saying "That's a boy's class and there is a girl in it, why is there a girl in it?" and the mom kept shushing her. Seriously?  I didn't really care about the child, it irritated me that the mom didn't explain that anyone can take Karate. The people down the aisle from me kept whispering about how cute the girl in Karate class was. Seriously people, it's 2010.... I'm only writing about 1910 on my blog.....

She loved the class and we signed up for a summer session. She loved it so much that she ate her chicken and blueberries for dinner (separate food items, not a strange recipe) with chopsticks! She marches to her own beat, that one, and that is one thing I adore about her, terrible mommy that I am.

3) It's our last week of pre-school. I say our because it's a co-op and we've been there for 3 years. All of the parents assist in the class 2x per month and  each have a job there in addition to that. When I attended the orientation I did not know a soul, had never been a part of anything school related and was still pretty overwhelmed by the fact that I was now someone's mother.   Much has changed since then. Since the time commitment is rather large, there is a real sense of community at her school.(it's hard NOT to get to know people.)  The best thing we've done this year is re-vamp the playground with mulch, landscaping timbers and 2 new pieces of equipment. No one ever told me before how fun and fulfilling something like that can be.

This year my daughter learned about Native American Culture, Korean Culture, Chinese Culture, Japanese Culture, met a blind woman and her guide dog, met a Native American story teller, went to the Rochester Philharmonic tots concert, visited the Science center, visited a pizza place, visited a farm, learned about dinosaurs and space and the natural world (we are currently hatching a butterfly on the kitchen counter!) and much  more! Her teacher, Mrs Gerardi, has been doing this for 25 years and she is a true gem.

When I worked, one of the best things about the morning was getting my coffee and chatting with the people I worked with before settling down to do my job. Because the school is such a nice community, morning drop-of serves roughly the same purpose. I bring my own coffee now and sometimes I'm not showered but everyone is always friendly. Some of these people will have children in my daughter's kindergarten class, and I am grateful of that. However, I really value the experience that we have had the past 3 years and I will miss it!


Tree Huggin Momma said...

Oh don't worry, its in fact a sign that you are a good mommy when someone in WEGMANS tells you that you are a bad mommy. I had a woman tell me I was the worst mommy ever because I would not give my screaming 2 year old a candy bar (which is what she was screaming for). This woman went on to purchase the candy bar for my daughter and when I informed her that we don't take candy from strangers she said I was a rotten mother and a horrible person. Oh well.... They are my kids to ruin ;)

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

I do think you showed great restraint not leaving her in the bulk food section! AND for not stepping in to educate that other parent and her child on all of the things that women can do!

The transition from preschool to kindergarten was a tough one! We had such a wonderful experience there and made friendships (both our child and ourselves) that I'm sure will last a lifetime!

Christine said...

Tree Huggin-Don't worry, it was my own daughter not a complete stranger. I don't think I could have stopped myself from commenting had I been in the position you were in!!! Oh my goodness!

Deanna-You know it was a trial for me ;-)

Jeannine said...

So great that you enrolled in Karate!You absolutely need to say something if that happens again! Ridiculous!I'm amazed at the ignorance and insensitivity - ooooh you've got me all worked up now!

Unknown said...

Ridiculous is what I have to say about the ignorant people at Karate. My hubbies favorite saying is "you can't fix stupid!" and so in your case at the class I would have turn to the child and spoken directly to the chid to explain that "yes girls can do karate as a matter of fact girls can do anything boys do if they choose to try." Grrrr Oh that I also would like to add that my baby sitter's older sister did karate for several years and competed. She's 21 now and a hairdresser and a model! (you've seen my sitter so you know that her sister is beautiful too!)

How did graduation go today? I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. Thank you for the workyou did for the past 3 years my daughter is reaping the benefits.

Christine said...

It was very sweet Kristin. We had a nice time. It was actually less teary than the mothers day celebration. It was really nice though.

And you are welcome. I am especially happy about how we all worked on the playground this year. It really looks wonderful.